JuicePlus vs Juicefestiv

Proteins and vitamins are great for the overall health of the human body. The former builds the body whereas the latter bolsters its ability to stand taller to the risks of illnesses and infections. In our proceeding Juice Plus vs Juicefestiv, we are going to look into two of these dietary supplements for your proper understanding.

What is the role of protein shakes in weight loss?

Before embarking on the Juice Plus vs Juicefestiv, we take a look at the roles that the protein shakes play in the loss of weight. These shakes, regardless of their brands and formulations, do confer the following benefits to the body with regard to weight loss:

Boost Metabolism

The number one role that protein plays in your body is to boost the metabolism thereof. This it does by minimizing cravings for food and junk. In the course of doing that, it suppresses the likelihood that you may eat too much to the extent of getting overweight.

Reduces the Appetite

Also, it reduces your appetite mainly by keeping your tummy appear full. Yet again, this has the tendency to prevent you from having to eat too much from time to time. The resultant end of this is that you stay healthy and less prone to the risk of overweight.

Tones your Muscles

Proteins build the muscles that make the human body up. Since they are devoid of fats and lipids, they achieve this end without necessarily demanding that you increase the weight of your body. At the same time, they keep you healthy and strong all the while of intake.

Slows the Intake of Fat and Calories

Most of the time, the body craves fat and calories in the absence of proteins. It hence goes that your consistent intake of the proteins suppresses the need for your body to have it furnished with these twin nutrients. In the end, you get to remain healthy.

Easier to Digest

When compared to fat, proteins are easier and faster to digest. They take shorter durations to break down and ingest. At the same time, they easily get excreted in the bloodstream without the temptation of having them deposited in the human body. That of course leads to the greatly reduced weight of the body.

Juice Plus

The Juice Plus is mainly designed to offer your body the help and support it needs to perform most of its tasks conveniently. It exists in two main kinds. These are the orchard and the vegetable blend. The former is mainly a mixture of fruits whereas the latter that of vegetables.


Juice Plus derives its ingredients from common fruits and vegetables. Examples of these include the kales, spinach, cabbages, carrots, oranges, and pineapples. On account of this, it is really healthy and confers loads of benefits to the human body with regards to fighting off sicknesses.


There are basically infinite flavors of the Juice Plus. That is because it gives you the leeway to determine the kind of flavor that is favorable to you. These could be lemon, almond, strawberry, and guavas. You basically stay ahead of the game with regard to this metric.


In a nutshell, Juice Plus is basically a dietary supplement in that it mainly works to bridge the gap between the nutrients that are supplied by the foods you take on a day to day basis and the ones that your body needs. You may never use it in lieu of eating.

Effects and Benefits

  • Improves Health

This supplement improves your overall health by bridging the gap between the nutrients you obtain from the foods you take and the ones that your body generally requires to stay afloat. All these it does but at no significant loss on your part or adverse side effects.

  • Boosts Resistance to Illnesses

Due to its possession of a higher level of vitamins, this supplement may also work to boost your resistance to the various illnesses you may confront. These illnesses are those that are largely brought about by the deficiency of food or low levels of vitamins.

  • Aids in Digestions

Fruits and vegetables that form a huge chunk of the composition of the supplement are known to possess a higher level of roughage. It hence goes that by consistently taking in the dietary supplement, you too get to enjoy improved levels of digestion by way of higher roughage intake.

  • Reduces Cravings

The higher levels of roughage in the fruits also reduce the craving for food. They help to keep your bowel feeling full all the time. With reduced cravings comes the added benefit of lower incidences of bloating and constipation alongside many other metabolic disorders.

  • Helps you stay fit

By not eating excessively, you get to stay in the best shape and form. Hardly will your body break apart or even demand too much exercising to help it stay in the best shape and form. This of course helps to keep you healthy and strong all the time.


·      Packed with loads of natural ingredients

·      Easily gets absorbed in the bodily system

·      Hardly imperils the faculties of the body like blood circulation

·      Contains zero toxins and is thus safer for your body

·      Calorie contents are considerably lower


·      Lacks Carbohydrates and is thus less beneficial overall


JuiceFestiv on the other hand is primarily intended for that person who wants to boost his energy levels to perform the common everyday tasks with enthusiasm. For a large part, it comes in the form of pills that may be easily administered by way of swallowing and intake with water.


Unlike the Juice Plus above, the JuiceFestiv contains some moderate amounts of inorganic compounds. This stands at a paltry 30% though. Some of the outstanding ingredients that the item possesses are water, magnesium stearate, organic rice concentrate, lecithin, dibasic calcium phosphate, and organic rice powder.


Almost all manufacturers of this supplement incorporate no flavors. Instead, the supplement comes in its own natural taste for your own direct enjoyment. You have it for the taking if you do not have a liking for the alterations in the tastes of the supplements altogether.


The typical JuiceFestiv is packed with 46 fruits, grains, greens, and vegetables. It is further fortified with loads of antioxidants, digestive enzymes, and probiotics. All these combine to make your life healthier to the extent of not have to look elsewhere. It also minimizes the need to clutter your nutricare with many supplements.

Effects and Benefits

  • Bolsters your Digestion

This supplement first and foremost bolsters your digestion in the sense of containing many digestive enzymes and roughage. By taking it consistently, you get to avoid constipation, flatulence, bloating, and other issues that arise when the food is improperly digested. You also get to stay healthier all the while.

  • Upholds the Health of the Guts

The existence of the higher levels of probiotics in the supplement works hard to uphold the health of the guts. They mainly improve the health and the nutrition of the enzymes and the microorganisms that line the gut. These in turn prevent cancer and other issues that affect the same gut.

  • Fights Inflammations and Infections

Due to the high levels of antioxidants, the supplement also fights off infections and inflammations. You have it for the taking if you tend to suffer from long-running wounds and other forms of infections that require a more robust immune system from you. This also reduces the need for potent medications.

  • Boosts the levels of Body Vitamins

As with many other supplements, this one too contains a higher level of vitamins. It hence goes that by taking it in, consistently, you also get to boost the levels of vitamins in your body. This of course is great as it sees to it that you stay healthy and fresh from all forms of diseases.

  • Good for the Blood

For all practical purposes, this supplement is really good for the blood. It lowers the pressure of the blood, contains fewer calories, and is also packed with loads of vital amines. All these boost the flow of the blood and bolster the activities of the red blood cells to name but a few!


·      Has a diversity of nutrients and ingredients in its formulation

·      Tackles many-body and health-related issues ‘under one roof’

·      Great for vegetarians and those who abhor flesh

·      Devoid of any artificial flavors and contents

·      Unlikely to trigger allergic reactions when ingested


·      Contains some inorganic compounds in its formulation


In this segment of our Juice Plus vs Juicefestiv discussions, we shall peek into those things that unify these two supplements versus those that tend to differentiate them:

Things in common

Here in our Juice Plus vs Juicefestiv review, we take a look at the unifying factors or traits of the supplement:

·      Nutritional Composition – The nutritional compositions of these two supplements do not differ by a significant margin. They are largely derived from nature and are hence organic. Moreover, they also tend to be very conducive to the human body on the whole. The JuiceFestiv however contains a small chunk of inorganic ingredients.

·      Mode of Intake – These supplements are available in two main forms. The pills and the syrups respectively. Thus, you will largely follow the same steps and strategies to have them ingested into your system.

·      Relevance – Though they differ in their nutritional composition, they are both intended to remedy some nutritional deficiencies. This is a role they play chiefly by way of bridging the gap between the nutrients that your body needs versus what you derive from the foods you take.

·      Reactions with the Body – Both supplements react smoothly with the body. That is largely brought about by the natural ingredients that make them up and the fact that they are both devoid of any toxins. Hardly do they imperil your smooth digestion as well.


Let us finish our Juice Plus vs Juicefestiv by peeking into those things that separate them:

·      Intent – The Juice Plus is mainly a multivitamin supplement whereas the JuiceFestive works to make your body metabolically stronger to fulfill its purposes. Thus, the latter has a broader scope and is largely relevant in many ways to the body.

·      Targeted Persons – Considering the lack of animal products and ingredients in Juice Plus, it is a great one for vegetarians and those who are averse to animal products. The latter is nonetheless great for those persons who do not have issues with meat products.

·      Impacts/Effects – When faithfully ingested, the Juice Plus has the impact of boosting the ability of the body to resist diseases and other infections that may attack the body. The JuiceFestiv however mainly provides the strength, mood, and stamina that the body needs to function properly.

·      Availability – The Juice Plus is mainly available in the form of fruits. JuiceFestiv on the other hand is available in both the fruit and the vegetable forms. Thus, it gives you the leeway to choose the blend that in your opinion really fits the bill.

·      Cost – When all factors are taken into consideration, the JuiceFestiv is the costlier of the two supplements. That is mainly vouched for by the higher number of ingredients it has as well as the many benefits it can potentially bring to the body when administered.


Our examination of the subject matter of Juice Plus vs Juicefestiv comes to an end there. We now trust that you have the insight you need to appreciate these supplements deeper and make the most informed purchasing decisions probable. Though both are great for the body, there are some slight variations insofar as their applicability is concerned.

As you may see from the foregoing comparisons, the JuiceFestiv is more functional in the sense of being able to perform more functions and confer better benefits to the body. You are hence better off with it compared to the latter. If you are a vegetarian, stick to Juice Plus.

What are you waiting for? Go for one of them now!