Our Juice Plus vs. Shakeology comparisons and juxtapositions endeavor to shed more light on the two leading high-nutrient protein supplements that exist on the market at the moment. These two have been noted to boost the functionalities of the body by furnishing additional nutrients. We delve into discussing more concerning them in the proceeding conversations.


The protein shakes help to reduce weight in several ways. We delineate and explain them in finer details here below:

Reduces Appetite or Craving for Food

Of all the roles that proteins play, it is the reduction of the appetite or the craving for food that ranks tops. Many people tend to overeat mainly as a result of feeling too hungry too often. These high protein contents have the impacts of staying in the bowel for too long and hence negate the need for more frequent intakes.

Adds More Weight with Less Food

By consuming too much protein content, you also get to add more weight without necessarily having to eat too much. The high content of protein in these foods sees to it that you supply your body with more nutrients without necessarily having to consume huge chunks of meals.

Increases Metabolism

Protein shakes increase the thermic effects of food i.e. the number of calories you may have to burn to break your foods down. That in turn increases the metabolism that in turn facilitates the digestion and absorption of the food intake altogether. Through that, you also suffer less from extreme fat deposits.

Cuts down the Belly Fat

Most of the fat in the human body is eventually deposited in the belly area, a fact that contributes to the bulging of the stomach area and the development of pot belly. Perhaps there is no better and more effective way to cut down the belly fat as is the intake of excessive proteins.

Slows down the Muscular Loss

In some instances, the excessive accumulation of weight is generally occasioned by the loss of muscles. The high intake of proteins works to reduce the loss of muscles. That in turn slows the accumulation of fat that is in turn responsible for the increase in the weight of the body.

Diminishes the Regain of Weight

Many people have experienced a resurgence of body weight after the loss of one. The higher intake of the proteins in the diets have the attendant benefits of diminishing the regain of the weight after such a loss. For this reason, the nutrient is a great one to lay your hands on at such times.

Building muscle

Other than slowing the loss of the muscles, a higher protein intake also aids in the building of muscles considerably. Stronger and healthier muscles are definitely great for the elimination of the buildup of excess weight. And talking of that, the high protein diet conquers it all.

Juice Plus Complete Shakes

We now delve into explaining these two protein supplements. The first is the Juice Plus Shakes which, as its designation implies, is a supplement that comes in the form of juice. It possesses a host of natural ingredients that play the vital role of enhancing the health and the well-being of the taker.

·      Ingredients

This item comprises natural ingredients lime, oat oil, green tea, vegetable protein mix, Vitamin mix, fibers, Fructose, and a host of thickeners. These work hand in hand to maintain your body in the absolute state of health and overall vitality. Being natural, they ward off the likelihood of the emergence of any adverse health issues.

·      Flavors

The precise taste of the Juice Plus Shakes depends largely on the manufacturer and the formulation that it is intended to serve. Nonetheless, expect the typical shake to possess the pleasing Vanilla taste that leaves your tongue nicely tasting for a prolonged duration of time.

·      Nutrition

Talking of the nutritional values and benefits that the supplement brings along, expect to enjoy increased mineral and vitamin intakes. Your preference and intake of this specific supplement are hence a surer way of getting healthier while not having to take in too much of the foods.

·      Effects and Benefits

Great Dental Health

It contains a number of nutrients lime the Vitamin B Complex, Zinc, Vitamin E, Vitamin C., and other supplements that jointly confer great gum health. You are less likely to sustain bleeding or other adverse gum issues if you choose to work with this special supplement.

Improved Weight Loss

We have already explained repeatedly that the high protein diets have the attendant impacts of boosting your weight loss initiatives. It improves your metabolism and prevents the accumulation of fat in the human body to name but a few! All these at no extra costs.

Great Skin Health

Other than your inside body, the supplement also works wonders on your skin. It has been noted to increase the markers of the microcirculation of the skin. That guarantees the smooth flow of the nutrients into and around the skin. Your skins appear shiny and sparkly with consistent use.

Detox and Bodily Safety

Thanks to the sufficiently high levels of antitoxins, the Juice Plus Shakes also detoxify your body and keep it well toned. Hardly will you suffer the issues of slowed metabolic rates or other adverse damages that come along ordinarily in the course of use. Need we add that it also cleanses your body?

“Feel-full” Effects

Lastly, it also delivers the ‘feel-full’ effect in the sense of making you not to crave any food. It is this effect that in fact goes beyond that to negate the need to keep eating every now and then. Not having to eat every quite often is what ultimately boils down to the loss of weight.


We now get to the Shakeology. Like its Juice Plus counterpart above, this too contains excessively high levels of proteins in the diet. On the contrary, though, it possesses a dense nutrient of the superfood proteins that deliver the necessary ingredient mixes in ways that are truly efficient.

·      Ingredients

Your typical Shakeology comprises the oat protein, flax, sacha inchi, protein isolate, and quinoa. All these are derived from nature and are subsequently safer. Moreover, they are less likely to imbue some damages to the internal organs of the body. For that reason, they are relevant for everyday intakes.

·      Flavors

Your typical Shakeology exists in the Chocolate, Vanilla, Café Latte, and the Tropical Strawberry flavors. This fact grants you the freedom of choice you need to make your preference count. Moreover, they also draw their roots from nature and are hence likely to imperil your own bodily health.

·      Nutrition

This is the breakdown of the typical Shakeology dietary supplement: Calories (160), Fat (2.5g), Sodium (170mg), Carbohydrates (17g), Fiber (6g), Sugars (7g), and the Proteins (17g). Kindly note though that the precise breakdown may vary considerably with the kind of manufacturer who processes your supplement.

·      Effects and Benefits

Excellent Source of Proteins

This supplement is a great source of protein. It is truly packed with loads of nutrients that are wholly derived from nature. These many nutrients see to it that your body is properly nourished and spared of the adverse consequences that usually come along with the intakes of such nutrients.

Natural Formulation

We have stated repeatedly that the product contains a wholly natural formulation. Thanks to this arrangement, the item spares you of the harms that people who resort to artificial or chemical-based products do inflict. The natural formulation is also a great way to appreciate nature as a whole.

Aids Digestion

Considering the high fiber contents of the supplement, it also works great to aid in the digestion of the food. Fiber improves the surface area of the direct contact between the foods you take and the digestive enzymes that act on the same. Bloating and flatulence are also considerably reduced with this intake.

Great Detox Effects

Over and above the digesting effects that the supplement brings along, it also detoxifies the human body. That simply means that it eliminates all forms of toxins that may be present in the human body at the time. At the same time, it maintains the proper health of your body all the while.

Available in Many Flavors

Lastly, the supplement is also available in many flavors. Examples of these are strawberries, vanilla, and so on. You hence have the privilege to select that one which mirrors your unique expectations as nearly as possible. Also, you access the supplement in that flavor that is wholly comfortable and convenient for you.



In this segment of the discussions about Juice Plus vs. Shakeology, we now compare and contrast these two supplements across relevant metrics or yardsticks:

The thickness of the Formulation

As you may already deduce, the Juice Plus Shakes has a somewhat thinner formulation than the Shakeology counterpart. That stems from the dilute stature that makes it flow smoothly. The former is hence better suited for the smaller children who cannot ingest and handle thicker pastes.

Flavor Options and Availability

When all is said and done, the Juice Plus Shakes are available in fewer flavor options compared to the Shakeology. Thus, it gives you somewhat limited options to pick from and subsequently make great use of. If you mainly cherish the tastes of the supplements, you are better off with the latter.

Ingredient Mix

The ingredients that the Juice Plus Shakes possesses are comparatively fewer than those that the Shakeology possesses. It on the contrary has only those core ingredients that you may have to make use of per unit time. Its competitor on the other hand has extra nutrients that go beyond your expectations.

Effects and Outcomes

By the virtue of containing fewer ingredients, the Juice Plus Shakes delivers limited returns to the body compared to its main rival, the Shakeology. You hence only want to choose it if you have the bare minimum wishes to meet per given time. The latter comes in when there is a need for comprehensive impacts and approaches.

Likely Sides

Both of these dietary supplements may likely bring along some side effects. Nonetheless, those of the Juice Plus Shakes are easier to manage than those of the Shakeology. They do not overwhelm the body in deeper ways as is the case of the latter. Only a moderate intake of the supplement may be necessary.


You will find the Juice Plus Shakes suitable mainly for those issues that are the bare minimum in scope. Stay away from it if you have deeper problems that require extensive nutrients to impact. Your best bet lies in Shakeology if you have deeper weight loss and allied issues to take care of.

Costs of Acquisition

Considering its lack of so many nutrients and the fact that it yields fewer benefits, the Juice Plus Shakes costs less to acquire than the Shakeology. If you are short on cash, you are better off with the former as it comes by at a cheaper cost. For your maximum impacts though, we can never recommend the latter.


From these explanations, it is crystal clear that Shakeology stands out as the clear winner. As you may note from the foregoing explanations, it beats the competitor in ways that are far-reaching. Moreover, it possesses many nutrients and is hence capable of bringing about more value to your body when ingested.


The choice is now yours. We have done the much we can to belabor the details and potential benefits that these supplements have to offer to you in our Juice Plus vs. Shakeology above. How soon do you intend to set out? We caution against you taking too long to make the first move. Best of luck in your subsequent picks!