If you are on the lookout for a router, various models from Asus certainly come highly recommended. In this article, we will compare three different Asus routers, ASUS RT-AC68P Vs RT-AC68U Vs RT-AC68R. These models are amongst the most popular on the market currently, as well as being amongst the most competitive. Asus has a wide range of models available for home and business situations, the model you choose ultimately depending on your individual needs.

As Internet speeds carry on getting faster, and the net being used more and more as an affordable option for virtually everyone globally, it’s important to take some time when choosing the best router for your needs and budget!

When you have a great router, you will get the most from your Internet connection, and your worldwide surfing will be seamless. ASUS supplies a large assortment of routers and is a robust, international company. So, in this article, we will look at the similarities and differences as well as the pros and cons of the RT-AC68P, the RT-AC68U, and the RT-AC68R. With so many different routers to choose from it can be hard to get your head around the technical specification. So, we are here to help.

Aside from this problem, all three routers we will compare today come from Asus, making it even more challenging to select one that is the very best.

In this article we help you decide which router is best for your needs, and will describe the routers separately, explaining the different technical descriptions. Following on from this, we will make a comparison between the 3 models that should allow you to make a more educated and clear choice.


This router, known as the speed demon, is an AC1900 wireless router with dual-band gigabit.


When compared with normal 802.11 routers, this model can achieve speeds that are 3 times faster, 802.11n routers being the second-fasted routers on the market, after the 802.11ac.

This router enjoys a bumped up speed of around 190Mbits/s due to its dual-band. The router has a dual-core processor that ensures system speed is increased.

The RT-AC68p from Asus also boasts TurboQAM tech, from Broadcam. This ensures overall better performance and a faster data rate than its competitors.


This particular model from ASUS has 5 high-speed Ethernet ports, covering your wired and wireless internet usage perfectly. The model also has 2, 3.0 USB ports.

As it comes already ready for NVIDIA (Game Stream) it can also easily support gaming, offering gaming sessions that are uninterrupted.

The QoS if this model ensures you can allocate and prioritize bandwidth for every single user. When used with multiple users simultaneously, there will be no lag whatsoever, the RT-AC68P being an amazing device.

Extra Features…

The RT-AC68P from Asus has some more, excellent features, including VPN support, and parental control options.

The device also boasts ASUS AiRadar tech, ensuring that the range of the device can be extended without the need for repeaters or extenders.

The only one negative thing about this model from ASUS is the lack of MU-MIMO support, something that really should be a vital feature for such a level of the model, MU-MIMO support being used for data streaming.


The maximum speed that can technically be reached with this dual-band router is 1900Mbits/s. This speed is impressively 3 times quicker than 802.11n routers.

Data rates of the router are increased to 600Mbits/s due to the QAM technology, providing an overall performance increment of 33%. This model also boasts the AiCloud from Asus, allowing the user to sync, share, and access data from any device in any location.

When you choose this ASUS router, a private cloud server can also be made with family and friends. Here are some of the pros and cons of the ASUS RT-AC68P


·      The RT-AC68P from Asus is perfect for businesses, and for busy homes with many gamers!

·      It is perfect for all gaming needs as there is zero lag, no matter how many devices are playing at one time; the connection will also never be stopped or interrupted.

·      Network compatibility is dual wide

·      Faster storage performance with USB 3.0

·      WDS bridging, media bridge, and repeating support

·      Very capable for homes and small business alike

·      Interface is easy to use


·      Quite pricey

·      Non-removable stand

·      Update notifications for firmware are not available

·      No MU-MIMO support available currently


This AiMesh model, which comes as a 2 pack, is a dual-band AC1900 Wifi System with Adaptive QoS, parental control, and AiProtection lifetime security.

This model was launched 2 years before the RT-AC68P, but still has a lot to offer today.


This router is dual-band, enjoying speeds of up to 1900Mbits/s thanks to its Broadcom TurboQAM. It has an 800MHz dual-core processor and supports 802.11ac technology.

One cool feature of this ASUS model is its ability to distinguish between Wi-Fi and USB data transmission, making it a very efficient model.

It comes with 2 USB ports, one of them a 2.0 USB port, the other one a 3.0 port. The router also boasts 4 gigabit LAN Ethernet ports. In case they annoy you, you can also turn the LEDs off, parental controls being another plus point of this device.


Some of the most important and best features of this ASUS model ate the AiRadar, NVIDIA Game stream ready, and the AiCloud. The router is very similar to the AC68P that we reviewed above, as the latter model was manufactured with the flaws of this one in mind.

However, even with this in mind, it should be noted that the AC68U provides efficient and fast performance, with easy quick internet setup, and speeds that are only a touch inferior to those of the RT-AC68P

As the ASUS AC68U doesn’t have a preconfigured setup for the network, it may prove tricky for novices.


The AC68U from ASUS is amongst the fastest routers when tested on both N and AC bands.

When used with the N band, speeds of 108.8Mbits/s can be achieved when devices are placed 15 feet away. When using the Ac band as opposed to the N band, these speeds increased to a maximum of 346.1Mbits/s.

With devices at 50 feet from the router, speeds of 302.8Mbit/s can still be achieved on the AC band, this speed only decreasing to 291.7Mbit/s when used at 140ft away.

These results clearly show that the RT-AC68U is one of the fastest routers currently available on the market.


·      Four LAN Ports

·      LED display can be switched off

·      Easy-to-use parental controls

·      Experience is very customizable

·      Both short and long-range performance is excellent


·      This model doesn’t come with a network that is pre-configured


This router from ASUS is a dual-band, AC1900, wireless, gigabit router.

This router is a retail version of the ASUS router RT AC68U. U stands for Universal whereas R stands for reseller.

This model is found for sale online


This model has a quick 800MHZ dual-core processor and is equipped with 802.11ac tech. It also features Broadcom and TurboQAM, which ensure that the real speed of 1900Mbits/s is reachable. For added efficiency, Wi-Fi and USB transmissions are differentiated.

The RT-AC68R is a dual-band router that has 2 USB ports; one port is a 3.0 port, the other a 2.0 port. For wired transmission, there are 4 LAN Ethernet ports.


Just like the RT-AC68U, this model has excellent parental control, and for dark rooms, the LEDs can also be switched off.

Some of the other great features of this model include AiRadar, AiCloud, and GameStream Ready NVIDIA. These features make this model one of the best from ASUS on the market


Like the AC68U, the AC68R is incredibly fast for both the N and AC bands. When used on the N band and 15ft away from the router, devices can achieve speeds of 108.8 Mbit/s. This speed was improved to 346.1Mbit/s when the AC band was used.

At a distance of 50ft, this router can achieve 302.8Mbit/s on the AC band and 291.7Mbit/s at 140ft. These achievements mean this router is one of the fastest available, the pros and cons of this particular model being as follows;


·      AiCLoud, this tool allows you to access your local network when you are not at home. This app is easy to use and available for iOS and Android. Permanent access is granted by simply connecting to a Wi-Fi network nearby.

·      AiCloud offers a cloud disk, thus ensuring you can gain access to all USB devices connected to your router.

·      Smart Access. This ensures that you have access to all the files that you have previously shared on your home or local network.

·      Smart Sync. This ensures that on your personal network you have access to a storage service.

·      Smart access and Cloud Disk are both hassle-free. It should be noted here that in order to use Smart Sync you will need to pay a monthly fee for an ASUS subscription

·      Four LAN ports

·      LED can be turned off, helpful for dark rooms

·      Parental controls are easy to configure

·      The experience is highly customizable

·      Both short and long-range performance is excellent


·      Doesn’t come with a pre-configured network.


The best option, as obvious as it might sound, is the AC68P. Its speed and performance are superior to the previously-launched RT AC68U

Speed-wise, the 68p has an edge over other models, especially useful for businesses or other situations where extra speed are required

The AC68P is similar to the older RT AC68U version but without the bugs of the older version such as the stability problem from the USB 3.0 port.

In the AC68P version, the storage is also much-improved on the USB 3.0; the processor is also slightly better than the AC68u’s 800MHZ lone.


As all three models are very similar, it is difficult to pick a winner. However, when looking at all the specs and criteria, it is clear that the RT-AC68P from ASUS is superior. The other 2 routers both lack speed when compared to this superior model, this difference in speed albeit slight, making a difference.

If you are looking for a router that will withstand intensive usage and that provides the best speed, the 68P should be your router of choice, for both home and business situations.