Yamaha F325D - Acoustic guitar

Are you a guitar-enthusiast who has been seeking a great companion for himself? We are pleased to notify you that you have arrived at just the right place. You probably want to try your hand at the Yamaha F235. It stands out from among the many guitars that are available for your choice and use as things stand.

We want to acquaint you with the finer details of this guitar here below. To do that, we shall peek into the strong points that it has to offer with the aim of letting you know just how significant it is to purchase. All we now do is to appeal to you to read through keenly for the necessary inspiration.

Yamaha F325D Guitar Specs

Below are the major specifications of the guitar:

Headstock Overlay

Overlaying the headstock of the guitar are some wood veneer. The overlay serves to protect the underlying wood from scratches and other agents of damages that may be leveled against the same while playing the favorite tunes. They measure 1.6-2.0 mm and are adorned with cellulite.

Tuning Machines

A set of tuning machines also accompany the guitar. It is made of the Die-cast chrome that also doubles up as a beautifying agent. The chrome particularly resists all forms of corrosion from eating or chipping the interior layers away when tuning the guitar.


Existing to offer added support to the strings is a bridge. It works by transmitting the vibrations of those strings to the soundbox that is housed in the main body of the guitar. The bridge of this Yamaha F325D is made of Rosewood that is tougher and more agile.

Saddle and Nut

Both the saddle and the nut work hard to set the tone of the sound output that in turn determines the level of the performance you are likely to experience. The two form the primary forms of contact between the strings of the guitar and the body thereof.

Number of Strings

In total, this guitar has 6 strings. They are able to generate all the sounds that you may have to accrue from your experience with it. Being many, the strings have the ability to bring forth all the major sounds that your typical musical concert may have to tap into.


A carrying case also accompanies this guitar. As you may have already guessed, the case is used to transport the item from one area to another one. It shields all the constituent parts and components firmly to prevent the same from getting contaminated by the external agents of deterioration.


Making this guitar to stand out further is the fact that it also accommodates many vital accessories. These serve to extend its range of applicability and negate the need to shuffle back and forth many other guitars to have your way at all. Is this not a truly convenient arrangement?


Facilitating your access to the upper frets is this cutaway. It exists as an indent on the upper bout of the body of the guitar. You will find it adjacent to the neck of this Yamaha F325D. Its existence on this guitar serves to up the quality of the sound outputs and tonal clarity.

Top wood

The laminated spruce adorns and overlays the bare wood that has been used to make the guitar up. This lamination is smooth and breathtaking to behold. It hence serves to prevent you from sustaining the prickles and the injuries that come along with such an interaction.

Back and Sides

Its backs and sides are not left out either. They bear the Meranti construction and are hence stronger and more reliable to use in the long run. The Meranti wood is also highly resistant to the risks of termite infestation and thus lasts pretty longer than average.

Bracing Pattern

For the added strength of the guitar, it does comprise some unique and enduring bracing patterns. These patterns serve to strengthen the strings and the other vital components that are responsible for the production of the sound outputs. The patterns are also enduring in scope and context.

Body Finish

Outside its core purpose of generating sweet sound outcomes, the guitar also serves the secondary role of imbuing some beauty and overall elegance to you. That is mainly given the elegantly looking exterior body finish. The finish is glossy and truly breathtaking to the naked eyes.


By and large, the orientation of the guitar is right-handed. It similarly mainly suits those who are right-handed. You may have to look elsewhere if you are left-handed. When in this orientation, the guitar is very comfortable to handle and hold all the while.

Yamaha F325D Design

By its sheer design, this guitar is mainly suited for the starters. These are persons who are basically green in the matters of guitar playing. They are yet to master the basics of the gadget too. The core reason behind this is the somewhat simpler and straightforward design of the gadget.

Its make and shape are marvelous to behold. They borrow a leaf from the traditional designs that have been in use for quite some time. Though targeted mainly at the starters, the design of the guitar is attractive even for those who are seasoned in the field of guitar playing.

As part and parcel of its outstanding design, the item comprises some classical aesthetics. These serve to add some beauty and overall décor to your rooms. On the strength of this, the item may also be used to give off ornamental values and ends over and above the music playing.

The unique shape of the body and the narrow neck both combine to produce less resonant sound outcomes. They are further complemented with the stable bracing that adds some strength. The combined total of all these guarantees the prolonged playing of the music without faltering.

At its top is a concave design that, as we have already explained, concentrates the strings in one place. Thanks to the great focus of the strings, they are less likely to fall off even when subjected to great rigidity. Instead, they issue out exceptionally high-quality sound outputs.

Build Quality

Yamaha F325D Body

The body of this machine is pretty strong, stable, and stylish. It is principally made of the Meranti material that doubles up as being quite glossy.

All throughout, the shape of the item is that of the Dreadnought. Apart from the excellent ergonomics, the shape also lets the guitar fit as nearly as can be to the limited spaces that be.

Its length runs a whopping 512 mm (20 3/16 inches), its width 400 mm (15 ¾ inches) whereas its depth comes to about 100-125 mm (3 15/16 inches – 4 15/16 inches ). These make for proper handling and ultimate engagements in times of use.

Yamaha F325D Head

Setting this guitar further apart from the others is the special shape of the head. Its head is available in a concave design that concentrates the strings firmly in one place. This makes the strings firmer and stronger all the while of use.

On the strength of the concave shape, the guitar also imbues some beautiful and truly appealing appearances. You may hence also want to make use of the item to add some beauty and décor to your interior rooms and furniture.

Overall, the item has the ability to accommodate a whopping 20 frets within a spacing of about 25.5 inches apart. They jointly combine to grant you a more extensive range of playing and sound outcomes to tap into.

Yamaha F325D Neck

Compared to those of its peers, the neck of this guitar is narrow and slim. That makes it appropriately suited to fit the smallest spaces with absolute ease. Count on it to deliver the benefits that come along regardless of the prevailing amount of space.

The Nato wood is extensively used to make the neck up. This wood is pretty to behold with the naked eyes. Also, it lasts longer and resists the infestations of and by the termites pretty well. Your care for and the maintenance of this guitar is hence greatly simplified.

Sound and Tone Quality

For one, the headstock of the guitar bears the concave design. These do focus and concentrate the strings at the head of the guitar. That arrangement keeps the strings tout and well-tuned at all times of playing. The resultant effects of all these are clear and resonant sound outputs.

The sounds also exhibit some folk-like tonality that is pretty clear and breathtaking to the ears. Complementing the production of the sounds is the proper and more stable bracing. These serve to strengthen the strings in such a way as to enable the same to exude clearer tones.

Its nut and the saddle also play a vital role insofar as the enhancement of the sound output is concerned. The two vary the degree of the tightness of the strings that in turn determine to a great extent the kinds of sound outputs that the guitar may generate.

They go beyond that to season the sound output with friendly vibes and subtle quality. At the tail end of all these, the sounds are more appealing and are also beautifully crafted. Those are not all though. The guitar gives you the rare privilege of tuning the strings as per your unique expectations.

To do this, you will make use of the die-cast chrome tuning machines. They simply let you vary the degree of the tautness and the inclination of the strings to enable the sound output of your choice and liking. So precise are they that they suppress any possibilities of getting out of tune.

As opposed to the many alternatives we have around, this guitar does not in a way demand an excessively high level of pressure when attempting to fret the strings. That is good news for those who lack the necessary muscle power. They too are able to enjoy the selfsame benefits but for less effort.


  •       Pretty simple to master and engage
  •       Delivers exceptional aesthetics as well
  •       Its body shape is pretty ergonomic and convenient to handle
  •       Resists the termite infestations and the damages that come along
  •       Easier to tune in shape and form


  •       Too basic for the more experienced players
  •       Requires constant upgrades to stay current
  •       Purely manual in scope and operations

Available Deals

If you want to acquire this guitar for yourself, the following avenues may offer the needed help:


Amazon is a leading online auction site that sells these and many more items at affordable prices. Give it a first priority in your search for the best deals.

Guitar Center

This is an online store that deals exclusively with guitars. You want to try it out if you also want some advisory opinions with regards to the appropriate picks.

Musician’s Friend

Unlike the first two, this one is an in-store that deals with all manner of musical instruments. Nonetheless, it also sells its merchandise via the internet platform and is hence a nice try.

BH Photo Video

The BH Photo Video is a general merchandise platform that deals with many of the everyday items you may have to use. Consider picking your Yamaha F325D from there as well.

Full Compass

Rounding up the list is the Full Compass store. Though primarily in-store, this also delivers its merchandise to its patrons via the online portal.


We bring an end to our peek into the Yamaha F325D there. Now that we have done the best we can, we ask you now to take over from where we have left. That cannot mean anything else save for you now to go ahead and pick the guitar to make do with it.

Starting early is by all means strongly recommended. The benefits that the guitar has to offer are too numerous to be forfeited or treated lightly. Now is the time for you to set out for a purchase. Start out by skimming the top deals with the various sellers. Wishing you all the best in your subsequent purchase!