A Little Cornbread History

Although the Myans and the Aztecs were making delicious corn tamales and tortillas long before we ever heated up our skillets, the southern version of cornbread actually originated with the Native Americans. Corn was as valuable as gold in the south, and it was used to make just about everything from foods to soap. 

While the rest of the country was flourishing from the production of wheat, the south simply was just too hot for wheat. Corn was easy to grow and easy to prepare. It could grow even in the extreme heat.

It became a staple in the south and cornbread became quite a delight. And people have been enjoying this delicious bread for many years now. In fact, cornbread is a staple in a lot of southern homes. We grew up with it and we’ll never stop loving it.

Cornbread is Fun and Delicious

One of the most interesting things about cornbread is that you can combine it with so many other different things! It’s already delicious on its own, but it can be put together with all kinds of other different dishes. 

It can elevate various foods and even completely transform others. Cornbread is so delicious because it’s hearty and warm. It’s like somebody baked a hug. It’s comforting and makes you feel happy when you eat it. It even smells heavenly too. It makes everybody flock to the kitchen.

It also has both savory and sweet elements to it that truly set cornbread apart from other kinds of foods. For so many people, it is a taste of home and one of the best comfort foods out there

The Versatility of Cornbread

One of the most fun things about cornbread is how versatile it can be. There is sweet cornbread, savory cornbread, even cornbread that can be a little bit of both! Cornbread can be light or hearty, it can be sugar or buttery, but it’s absolutely delicious no matter how you make it.

You can combine it with so many different things too. In fact, you might even be surprised by how many other foods you can combine cornbread with. So, without further ado, let’s talk about that. What to eat with cornbread?

Cornbread and Cheese

Probably one of the yummiest foods you can combine with cornbread is cheese. There are many different kinds of cheese and you can pair your cornbread with just about any of them. However, I have come to find that goat cheese, cheddar, cotija, and feta cheeses work best. Their flavors harmonize with cornbread so perfectly! You can cut up small pieces and add them to your cornbread batter before it gets baked. It will amp up your cornbread to the next level.

Cornbread and Butter

Butter might seem like such a simple addition, but you might be surprised how much this tiny addition can change your cornbread experience. Melting a little bit of butter over a piece of cornbread really gives it a fun salty and creamy texture. Butter goes with corn like peanut goes with jelly. It just mixes together so beautifully and creates a really dreamy flavor experience.

Cornbread and Milk

Running late this morning and want to grab something quick but also delicious and healthy? Wonder no more! Don’t hesitate to try this classic Southern combo: Cornbread and milk ( or you can have it with buttermilk if you feel bold enough). Even if it sounds like an unreasonable pairing for many people at first, they tend to change their mind pretty quickly once they have enjoyed the taste! Delicious!

Cornbread and Honey

Cornbread is already naturally sweet, but with a touch of honey it is elevated to something entirely different. Actually, is there anything honey can’t do? Cornbread with honey feels so sinful because it’s dangerously delicious. The sweetness of honey has a certain zip to it and although both honey and cornbread are sweet, they are sweet in a different way. So, both of those sweetness come together and they create something really tasty. Just drizzle a little bit onto the bread or in a saucer to dip. It even looks beautiful too. It’s golden and inviting.

Cornbread with Jam

Yet another wonderful way to enjoy the morning; cornbread with a little bit of jam. Spreading a little bit of jam over some cornbread can create a really tasty treat. You’ll want to go with a jam that is a little less sweet than other kinds. Fig, raspberry, and orange can be wonderful pairing, because they have a little more acidity in their fruits. This acidity mixes well with the sweetness of the cornbread.

Cornbread with Ice Cream

You might be thinking, “that sounds unusual” and you’re not wrong. You occasionally top cobblers and pies with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream, so why not do the same for cornbread?! It’s a delightful combination and really creates a unique and special dessert.

Cornbread and Scrambled eggs

Gain a new tasty experience when combining these two! Once you’ve tried this combo you would want to share your experience with everyone! Why? It gives you a very heartwarming feeling of home and warmth. Second, it’s a healthy pairing. And bonus: Kids love it!

Cornbread and Chicken Soup

Who doesn’t want a warm bowl of chicken soup on a cold winter day ( or any day, don’t you). It’s like a holiday for the soul. Now imagine it can get better? How? One thing separates you from the best soul-warming feeling – Cornbread!  Mouth watering!

Cornbread and Chili

If chili wasn’t already hearty and comforting enough, adding cornbread to the mix makes the dish truly phenomenal. Chilis are spicy, tangy, zippy, and full of flavor. When you combine all that with a sweet and delicate cornbread, magic happens. The cornbread adds an entirely new flavor profile to the chili and makes it all even more delicious. You’ll be sure to feel full afterwards too. It makes for a very hearty and delicious meal.

Cornbread with Vegetables

Greens aren’t everybody’s favorite food. If you have picky eaters at home, this idea might just get them to start enjoying their vegetables. Green vegetables can have a slight bitterness to them, or even an earthy kind of flavor. When you combine it with the sweetness of cornbread though, you get something really special. And if you like to season your veggies, you’ll find that it still harmonizes really well with the cornbread. It’s always fun when flavors that should contrast also somehow mesh together to create an entirely new thing. You’ll love the salty/sweet combo.

Hotdogs and Cornbread

Much like the previously mentioned pork products, hotdogs can certainly add a little bit of magic to your cornbread. I decided to give hotdogs their own special section, rather than mention it with the pork items earlier, but its flavor is really one of a kind! You can cut some hotdog up and cook it in with your cornbread, or create a cornbread wrap for your hotdogs. You can even deep fry the combination to create a corndog! This classic combination of salty and sweet is sure to leave you wanting more and more!

Cornbread with Pork

Pork products harmonize with cornbread so perfectly! Pork meats like ham and bacon tend to be very savory and even salty. They have a rather robust flavor to them, and when it’s combined with that sweet cornbread, it creates a tantalizing flavor that you won’t be able to get enough of. You could slap some bacon onto some cornbread for a quick breakfast on the go. It’s easy and so delicious. You can even cut some ham or bacon into little pieces and bake it in with the cornbread, so it’s already combined and ready to eat.

Fried Chicken and Cornbread

Another must-try pairing is cornbread with some fried chicken! Fried chicken is already so flavorful! It’s crispy and crunchy and savory! When you combine it with a sweet cornbread, it is heaven on Earth! You’ll be surprised just how much these two foods compliment each other. You just can’t beat that salty and sweet combo!

Cornbread and BBQ

Bored with serving potatoes and veggies on your backyard BBQ parties? No worries, we got you! Whether it’s a pork, beef or chicken roasting, the cornbread goes well with all of them! Don’t hesitate to soak that BBQ sauce with cornbread and enjoy the smoky and sweet taste!

Cornbread and Minced Meat

There are many options how you can combine these two! You can put it as a filling or simply serve it as a side dish. But the recipes that are out there including these ingredients are endless – casseroles, muffins, even a hamburger! So don’t wait up and search for the one that works best for you and thank us later!

Cornbread and Jalapenos

Spike your cornbread with little pieces of jalapeno before baking it. You can more or less, depending on the level of spice that you like. You don’t even need to stick to jalapenos though, feel free to add other kinds of peppers or chilis if you’d like. It kicks your cornbread up a notch and mixes that bold spicy and sweet combination! It’s absolutely delicious and pairs wonderfully with margaritas. It can be an awesome treat for just about any occasion.

Cornbread and Beans

Cornbread and Beans – both very simple, but so comforting and so tasty that they can take all our sours away with just a few bites! Every dish of beans needs its own cornbread attribution. Don’t hesitate and let these two take you to a journey to heaven!

Cornbread as Stuffing or Dressing

You combine crumbled cornbread with some seasonings (especially sage) and you’ve made yourself a delicious dressing. It will be the star of all your Thanksgiving dishes!

Cornbread as Griddle Cakes

If you enjoy a morning pancake, you might also enjoy some cornmeal griddle cakes. This delightful gem is a combination of pancake and cornbread. It’s fluffy, light, and delicious. When you drizzle that maple syrup over it though, it becomes a party in your mouth! The combo of savory and sweet is an absolute delight! It is bound to transform your breakfast in the most fun and delicious way imaginable.


So, what are you waiting for? You should find a great cornbread recipe and make some today. With so many options and combinations to choose from, you’ll come to find that cornbread is one of the best culinary experiences you’ll ever have! It’s delicious on its own and with whatever you decide to pair it with.