Woman straightening her hair with a wet-to-dry flat iron

Nothing takes time like the hassle you have to undergo before going to work in the morning. You consume a lot of time choosing the outfit, blow-drying your hair, and making up before you go ahead to style. 

Therefore, it is recommended that if you have a busy schedule and you are always in a hurry, you should opt for the best wet-to-dry flat irons. Ideally, it is the appropriate product to prepare yourself in very minimal duration. This review will take you through the best of them all. 

What is Wet-to-Dry Flat Iron?

The wet-to-dry flat iron resembles a regular hair straightener. However, you do not require to dry off your hair with the wet-to-dry flat iron before using it fully. Note that this flat iron makes use of steam technology to eliminate excess water and ensure that it dries your hair with no strip hair moisture as you straighten.

How much damage does the Wet-to-Dry Flat Iron cause to my hair?

You must note that any given heated hair equipment has the potential to damage your hair if you do not use it appropriately. You must go through the product’s instructions before you commence using it. Bear in mind that each hair tool varies and also has different procedures for using it. 

If you want to use wet-to-dry flat iron, ensure that your hair is not too wet, it must be 80% before you use this product. Furthermore, make sure that you use the appropriate temperature according to the hair model you are likely to have. In case you do not put this to implementation, you are likely to damage your hair.

Is the Wet-to-Dry Flat Iron suitable for any hair type?

To use a wet-to-dry flat iron, you do not need to worry about your hair type, but the size. In case you have long hair, you need to purchase a wet/dry hair straightener with wide plates to tackle the amount of hair on your head. At least go one or even 1.5, which is pretty standard.

Moreover, it would be better for thicker and longer hair if you find flat iron with dual plates. This also applies to fine hair or even short hair; find a plate with a wideness of 0.5 to 1. On the other hand, titanium plates are suitable for long hair; note that thicker hair needs maximum heat.

What should you look for when buying Wet-to-Dry Flat Iron?

Before you purchase the wet-to-dry flat iron, there are several elements you need to consider. These include:

·      The LCD to monitor the temperature.

·      Durability to determine how long it is likely to serve you.

·      Extra-long cords are suitable for long hair.

·      Automatic shut off to prevent your hair from overheating.

·      Temperature control.

Best Wet-to-Dry Flat Irons on The Market: Top Choices

#1 Remington Wet2Straight Flat Iron

With this wet-to-dry flat iron, you will not waste a lot of time making your hair since it makes your hair stunning within a short time. It has a ceramic plate design, which allows this tool to heat up to 30 seconds, giving this maximum product performance. This product also features steam vents to enable you to commence styling directly from the shower without even ensuring that your hair is dry. It generates maximum quality salon heat; it offers you a professional-grade heat of about 420 degrees.


·      It generates quality heat to offer professional-grade heat of approximately 420 degrees.

·      It saves time since it makes your hair stunning in a very minimal duration.

·      This product is worth the value since it delivers maximum performance.


·      It is not a durable product; it serves you for a short period.

#2 Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Wet/Dry Flat Iron

This wet-to-dry flat iron has a unique steam vent that gently gets rid of water, then dries and styles your hair in a single quick step. There is no need to blow-dry your hair since you have a wet/dry heat setting of 25. It is a useful product for all hair types; it uses ceramic technology and floating plates to protect, shine, and straighten. In case you require to flip and add volume or build pin-straight styles, this product has your back. 

It has the potential of giving you innovative styles, right from auto-curlers, hot air brushes, flat iron wands to curling irons. This means it is a maximum quality styling equipment for the entire hair model. Moreover, it comes packaged with ultimate quality hair accessories, styling tools, brushes, and hair dryers.


·      It is a maximum quality product because it dries and styles your hair in a single quick step

·      It is an excellent product since it does not cause any damage to your hair.

·      This product delivers remarkable performance; hence it is worth the investment.


·      It takes a long time to straighten your hair.

#3 Mixcolor Hair Straightener and Curler 2 in 1

The Mixcolor Hair Straightener features 4-in-1 floating plates with absolutely no snagging and minimize hair damage. It has a 360 degrees swivel cord that is long and is 9 ft.; this allows you to move your plate freely and prevent your hair from snagging. On the other hand, this wet-to-dry flat iron is made from Nano titanium, Nanosilver, Tourmaline, and Ceramic, making your plates glide via hair with no tugging and pulling. This makes it to minimize damage and breakage to your hair, making it smooth and silky. It is also a 2-in-1 product, and it delivers maximum performance; note that it also heats up quickly. 

Ideally, it is perfect when traveling and an excellent gift idea. It comes packaged with some extra accessories, such as a single user manual, four hair clips, and a heatproof glove pair, among many more accessories.


·      It minimizes hair damage since it features four in one floating plate.

·      This product has a swivel cord of 360 degrees to enable you to move your plate freely and prevent your hair from snagging.

·      It is perfect for traveling and makes an excellent gift idea since it features 100v to 240 v, suitable for use anywhere.

·      It has quality customer service.


·      It is not ideal for straightening roots.

#4 Jose Eber 2″ Infrared Wet & Dry Flat Iron

This product is from ceramic and tourmaline material; it has a technology of negative ions. It makes the hair smooth and silky in minimal duration and with little exposure heat that can damage your hair. It comes with an adjustable temperature setting plus a one and ½ inch plate wide to enhance healthy styling for several hair types. 

Its handle has an ergonomic shape and a swivel cord of 360 degrees to enable you to handle it comfortably. Jose Eber 2″ Infrared Wet & Dry Flat Iron is excellent for travelers since it has a compatible dual voltage of 110v to 22ov.


·      It features a comfortable swivel cord of 360 degrees to allow you to handle it comfortably.

·      It has a dual compatible voltage of 110v to 220v, perfect for travelers.

·      This product has an adjustable temperature remarkable for many hair models for suitable styling.

·      It is a quality product since you can use it comfortably on your wet and dry hair.


·      It is not worth the price since it keeps your hair in a healthy status.

#5 Avanti Wet-Dry Nano Ceramic Silver Digital Flat Iron

It is a combination of Nano-silver, in-built ion generator, Nano-Ceramic, and Nano-Titanium. This gives it maximum performance. Note that it also has modern advanced technology; Avanti Wet-Dry Nano Ceramic Silver Digital Flat Iron has a lightweight; it weighs 0.88 lbs. 

This wet-to-dry flat iron comes with a digital temperature display that is adjustable to enable you to know the temperature while straightening your hair. It can heat up to 430 degrees within 30 seconds; it saves your time from blow-drying your hair. Therefore, thanks to these features of this product, for allowing it to deliver maximum performance.


·      It delivers ultimate performance since it is a combination of Nano-silver, in-built generator, Nano-Ceramic, and Nano-Titanium.

·      This product saves your time from blow-drying since it can heat up to 430 degrees within 30 seconds.

·      It is an excellent product because it comes with an adjustable digital temperature display.

·      It is a quality product; it comes with modern advanced technology.

·      It is portable and has lightweight.


·      It is a less durable product since it functions at a lower level.

#6 InStyler MAX WET TO DRY

You do not need a blow-dryer with this wet-to-dry flat iron since it uses patented rotating technology to add waves, curls, and straighten continuously to dry your hair. Bear in mind that this product offers you frizz-free professional styling. It has the hair straightener ionic bristle, which releases ions to minimize frizz and guarantee you maximum shine. It has a round barrel design to avoid creasing and crushing, resulting in healthy hair.

This product generates a quick, healthier styling; it has a tourmaline ceramic heated plate that maintains heat consistency for efficient styling and maximum speed. On the other hand, this product guarantees you styling versatility with a revolutionary design and a dual way rotating barrel straightens and dries hair, offering you a chance to quickly dry hair, shine to damp, body, and curl. Note that you can use this product on entire hair types.


·      It results in healthier hair since it has a round design of the barrel, preventing crushing and creasing.

·      It guarantees you professional styling that is frizz-free through emitting ions to deliver maximum shine and minimize frizz

·      This product has a maximum speed since it keeps a consistent heat of 425 degrees.

·      It is a quality product since it has the full potential to work on entire hair types.


·      It does not work appropriately on your wet hair.

#7 BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Straightener

The BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Straightener creates pin-straight and shiny styles with a single pass. It features a titanium plate that glides over your hair, generating steam via damp hair. This product is designed for damp-dry hair since it is a unique wet/dry hair straightener with five prolonged plates for a quick straightening. On the other hand, this wet to dry flat iron has a 50 heat setting of up to 450F. Furthermore, the smooth titanium plates conduct ultra-maximum and resist corrosion.

BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Straightener is a styling tool that generates maximum performance; it is durable, reliable, and versatile. When using this product, ensure that you use a suitable conditioner and apply the heat spray to protect the hair against unnecessary damages. Divide your hair into sections and commence straightening from the back. This product will leave your hair soft and straight.


·      It creates pin-straight and shiny styles with a single pass.

·      This product generates maximum performance since it has a titanium plate that glides over your hair.

·      This product is durable and reliable; hence it can serve you for a long duration.


·      It is not worth the investment since it is a defective product.

#8 Corioliss Wet To Dry Carbon Fiber Edition

This product is functional and safe; it is the ideal solution for your hair to style and straightens your hair during drying. It has 1 ¾ titanium plates and comes with a warranty of two years. Moreover, you need to note that this product comes with advanced technology; it has a vent and channel system, enabling too much water to evaporate as it locks in moisture. 

It is a premium styling iron since it distributes heat evenly since it comes with floating titanium plates that guarantee you smooth results. This product is durable and reliable; note that it delivers anti-frizz performance because it features a technology of negative ion for shiny, smooth, and soft hair styling. If you need the best hair straightener, opt for this product to experience outstanding performance.


·      It is a functional and safe product, hence being a useful product to style and strengthen your hair.

·      It features advanced technology with a vent and channel system to enable excess water to evaporate.

·      This product delivers extraordinary performance since it is a premium styling iron

·      It has a warranty of two years, saving you extra charges.


·      It is a sticky product.

Straighten your Wet Hair the Right Way – Here is how

Ensure that your hair is 80% dry before you start straightening it; you can opt to use a microfiber towel to dry your hair. Additionally, your hair should not be entangled, and be careful to avoid unnecessary burns, especially if you are a starter. Below are several steps you must follow to straighten your hair. These are:

Step 1: Ensure that you wrap a towel on your head to get rid of excess water.

Step 2: Use wide comb teeth to disperse the hair appropriately.

Step 3: Use the heat protector to avoid damaging your hair.

Step 4: Check whether your flat iron is in a wet mode.

Step 5: Divide your hair into four sections.

Step 6: Commence with the lower section.

Step 7: Maintain your tool vertically with the section you are likely to be styling.

Step 8: Position away drying vent holes from your hands and heads to avoid accidents.


Wet-to-Dry Flat Irons are ideal tools for women who have a busy schedule. Based on the review above, you are now familiar with the industry’s best wet-to-dry flat irons. 

This means you need to worry less about styling your wet hair since these products deliver outstanding performance. Make sure you settle on the one that suits your needs and demand efficiently.