Baking soda can be a life saver in the home. Not only is it incredibly common (really, where can’t you buy it?), it is also extremely inexpensive.

But it does a lot more than what you think. Baking soda is a chemical compound that brings it’s wonder to everything from stinky messes to baking the perfect cake.

Here are our top ten favourite uses of the white powdery stuff. (You know, baking soda.)

For Baking

Duh, right? But here’s the deal. Baking soda is a key ingredient to a lot of baked goods, adding exactly what you need, whether it is a bit of lift, a bit of crunch, or a bit of keeping it altogether. It needs an acid to work, and when they do their dance, it released carbon dioxide which helps make your breads rise higher and your cookies spread to the crunchy deliciousness.

For Heartburn

If you’re having indigestion, acid reflux, or heartburn issues, all you need to do is mix a teaspoon of baking soda with a glass of water. Drink it up and it will help out with your symptoms.

For Odors

When it comes to random stink, baking soda absorbs the bad smells, and just takes it out of the air. You’ve probably seen people keeping a box of the good stuff in their fridge; this helps stop the smells of leftovers and stinky veggies and dishes, like a garlic marinara you made last night.

For Body Odors, Too

Got some stinky B.O.? That’s why brands like Arm & Hammer make baking soda-based deodorant. Similarly with toothpaste–the same brand makes the stuff. But for a do-it-yourself version, you can also use baking soda as a mouthwash, or mix it with some water (or your other toothpaste) for some effectively dental cleaning.

For Bugs

If bugs are busying themselves around your house and in your cupboards, put a box of opened baking soda under your sink which will repel them when they are hanging around.

For Skin Issues

Whether you have an insect sting or bite, rash from poison plants, sunburn, or any other skin irritation, baking soda can help alleviate burning and itching. You can take a baking soda-based bath, mixed with warm water, or making a water/baking soda paste to apply directly to the irritation.

For Cleaning

Keep it green, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and low cost by using baking soda as an all-natural cleaning aid. Just mix it with water, or apply it directly and scrub, for toilets, bathrooms, mirrors and countertop. Here are more tips for fast and affordable cleaning.

For Clogs and Grease

Have a clog in your drain? Add about 1/2 cup of baking soda, then wash it down with white vinegar, and it’ll wash right away. For tough, stuck-on grease for your kitchen cleaning, just add it to your dish water.

For the Garden

Similarly for when it comes to the bugs, sprinkling some baking soda in your garden keeps pests at bay, as well. Just scatter it around your garden and specific plants, which helps keep rodents, like rabbits, from snacking on your vegetable plants.