If you’re looking for a website host that not only provides you with excellent service, but gives back to the environment, too, consider using an eco-host as an option.

So what exactly is eco-hosting?wind turbine field 300x225 The facts on Eco Hosting

Eco-hosting provides consumers with a planet-friendly way to get the web service they need and give back to the environment at the same time. However, there are plenty of eco-hosts, each offering a wide variety of services, reliability, and sustainable practices. They are taking initiative to minimize the impact they have on the environment.

Because web hosts tend to use a lot of energy, the concept of green web hosting is really a breath of fresh air.  Their main goal, generally, is to offset the carbon emissions they release into the environment. To do this, they usually use one of three methods.

The company may purchase Renewable Energy Credits, which represent renewable energy sources purchased from an electrical company. They may strive to use less energy in their daily business ongoings, such as incorporating solar panels, enforcing recycling, eliminating paper, carpooling, and other greener avenues. Finally, they give directly back to the environment, such as through planting trees.

The short version is, there are so many different web hosting options, you definitely want to choose what is right for you.

Companies on board

A main goal of many eco-hosts is to try to meet lower carbon emissions targets and do something for the planet, too. Ecohosting.co.uk, for example, not only offers quality customer service and low prices, but their steps to help the environment go above and beyond. For each host, they plant a tree in the United Kingdom, in managed places in the area. They are currently supporting The Alladale Reserve in Scotland, and Alladale and the company are supporting the Challenger Trust, which gives kids experiences in enjoying outdoor activities, nature studies, and  tree planting. They also are a carbon neutral company.

Another unique approach is from ecohosting.com, which provides opportunities for free hosting for charities. Charitable organizations can sign up for themeselves with a non-charity client, and the company offers the equivalent value hosting for free for a year.

Another UK company, ecowebhosting.co.uk, included web hosting packages that are all 100 percent carbon neutral. They carefully calculate the carbon emissions produced as a result of their web server working 24/7, then offset these emissions by planting trees at Ransomwood Business Park in Nottinghamshire. Their goal is to be a carbon-positive company, because the young age of the trees will continue to absorb more and more carbon as they grow. They feel this is more effective than using renewable energy, because of the ongoing positive impact on the environment. They have planted 300 English Oak trees to date, which at present absorb more than three times the carbon produced by their servers.

Many companies go the route of renewable energy, and that includes iPage, a web hosting company that is 100 percent wind powered. Not only are they reliable and offer many packages that consumers need, iPage is a wind-energy leader, offsetting the carbon emissions of their data centers and offices by purchasing renewable energy credits. These credits are, in turn, then used to generate wind energy and providing consumers with a greener website.

Dubbed as the world’s number one green host, greengeeks.com takes plenty of steps to maintain their greenness. They work with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to buy wind energy credits to offset their energy consumption, and in 2009 was invited to join the US. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Green Power Partner program. They also reconfigure their servers so they run cooler and more efficiently using less energy. They reduce their office carbon footprint with recycling and minimizing printing, employ auto lighting control systems, and power down all office equipment when not in use. But it doesn’t end there. Employees take turns bringing in meals to reduce the amount of waste from take out food, and they use telecommuting when possible to minimize commutes and emissions.

Choosing a company that has a commitment to going green is an excellent way to start exploring the web hosting market. These are just some of the options available, but after you find a package you need, consider a certified green web hosting provider as you choice for staying sustainable.