So you’ve got an iPad or iPad2 and you’ve downloaded a myriad of apps. But do you have any green ones on that list? It’s about time you do.

Whether you want to simply reduce your carbon footprint, or get a whole lot greener, these apps are for you. Here are our favourites:

Solar Panel Advisor ($1.99)solar panel advisor app 225x300 The best eco apps for iPad and iPad2

This eco-educational app shows you what a solar panel could do for you. Launch the app, face your iPad toward the sun, and find out how much solar power would be generated by any size solar panel under the same strength of sun. It will then describe how solar energy helps your energy bill. If you already have solar panels, you can use it to monitor them at home and get automatic maintenance and cleaning reminders.

My Recycle List (free)

This simple app allows you to locate places where you are able to recycle specific items. Just select your items from a list, and look at the locations possible. You can also save the locations yo prefer, so you can easily organize different recycling locations. It also saves emissions, because you’ll have the details of where to recycle without having to drive all over town.

My Carbon Footprint (free)

Download My Carbon Footprint to see how clean and green you are. Plug in the details of how you live, work, and eat, and it tells you how you impact the planet. It also sends you a fresh list of eco-tips and rewards you with cool badges and bragging rights for Facebook.

Control4 My Home (free)

Control4 My Home turns the iPad into an energy-efficiency remote for all your home’s appliances, lights, and electricity-using utilities. You can completely control your home’s computers, televisions, security systems and everything else! It works alongside Control4 all-in-one energy-saving automated home systems–convenient, but expensive… okay, and really cool.

iBooks (free)

Avid readers will love iBooks, giving you free access to an entire library of full downloaded books. It also allows you to take notes, highlight, and locate specific passages, perfect for students and professionals. A great way to organize your library and reduce your paper consumption, this is a must for anyone who likes a book or two.

Crazy Weather ($1.99)

Teach your children about weather and climate change with this educational app. Written as an interactive story, it is a fun and exciting app perfect for younger children.

iGrowIt ($0.99

The perfect app for new gardeners and seasoned horticulturalists, iGrowIt helps who you choose what to plant and then. Select and tap on “What can I grow today?”, and you’re given a list of vegetables perfect for planting in the current month. Each list includes instructions on how to plant and harvest the vegetables, along with plenty of recipe ideas to enjoy them.

SoundPaper ($4.99)

Whether your constantly jotting down to-do lists, taking notes in a meeting, or are a college student with loads of books and binders, this app is for you. The keyboard allows you to type notes as though you were on your regular computer, along with drawing sketches and recording audio with just single tap. It delivers a well-rounded way to take notes, with all info right in one single note/file. It also helps the environment by saving a load of paper and extra equipment.

What are your favourite eco-friendly apps?

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