We’d love to see the world reduce their paper use – despite recycling initiatives, we’re still using up an awful lot of trees.

According to Tappi, an association connecting paper making and forest practices, about 300 million metric tons of paper and paperboard are produced each year worldwide.

Frankly, we think that’s too much. That’s why we like companies that recycle. And paper companies that make paper products from recycled paper? Even better.

Ecojot delivers a tree-friendly response to this with their range of 100% post-consumer recycled paper products. The clever designs make you want to get creative, offering whimsical, nature-inspired designs for everything your writing requires.

Developed from an already thriving stationary company, Miragepaperco, the crew harnessed the  emerging eco-trend, developing a range that attuned to the times. Soon, the Canadian-based ecojot emerged, a marriage from the brainwork of sibling team Mark and Carolyn Gavin, with eye-catching prints with eco-savvy design.

We love when companies take an extra step to enhance their greenness, and ecojot is no exception. All of their paper and board is acid-free and chlorine-free; they harness vegetable-based inks and glues; and the paper and board is all acid- and chlorine-free.

They also keep the trees in mind; nary a new tree is used to make their paper, but they really take an extra eco-loving step by using a paper mill powered by biogas.

But it isn’t just keeping it recyclable and renewable that makes ecojot as green as they are. They are big supporters of Evergreen, a national non-profit organization dedicated to developing sustainable societies. A portion of their monthly proceeds supports Evergreen, too.

Principle designer Carolyn Gavin has developed reverberant, colourful designs, with twist of retro, a dab of nature, and a little geometric flair. Colour schemes of sky blues mingle with flashy fuchsias and sun-kissed yellows, each one with its own distinction, making it one-of-a-kind. They also add customization for companies, giving your business or organization a unique flair.

ecojot Take note with ecojot

We especially love the Journals and Notebooks. Offered in three sizes, these hard covered, coil-bound books let you record your inner-most thoughts or your daily drivel. They conveniently lay flat when opened, and the heaviness of the paper doesn’t let markers or heavy inks seep through, allowing you to write on both sides. The two larger sizes are lined, keeping your orderly and organized when you just might not be feeling that way.

The rest of their line includes:

These coil-bound books lay flat with ease, offering large spaces in their calenders to record the day’s events. We love the elastic that keeps it bound shut, an added bonus when you have to shove in a few to-do notes along teh way.

The calenders are nearly a foot long and just a few inches wide, designed as a slim reminder board for your important dates, like your parent’s anniversary and your nephew’s birthday.

Their cards come in packs of a dozen (with envelopes in tow), flourished with their trademark designs on the front, and a blank inside for your personal messages. With all of the choices of designs, you can find your favourite match for your Spring luncheon with your friends or your cat’s birthday extravaganza. (Even the plastic bag that it comes in, by the way, is biodegradable, naturally derived from corn. Love it.)

Heavy duty sketching paper makes up this perfect pad for the budding artist or day-to-day doodler. They also offer a version for your kids’ masterpieces.

Go to school in style with a slim design that can easily go with you to class and slide in the pages of your text book. Coming in a package or two, the colours complement each other, helping you stay  style-savvy, sustainable, and hopefully, smarter.

When you want to brighten up a gift and newspaper won’t cut it as the gift wrap, their recycled wrapping alternatives are the perfect answer, with their matching recycled “ribbon” and party-perfect designs.

Make your filing cabinet a little more fun with their nature-inspired file folders. They come in twos, combining a solid colour with their trademark design, making you want to pull open the drawers to dig out old bills.

Not sure which to choose? We recommend the journal to start, with its simple lined paper that can be used for any of your needs.

The ecojot Journal

  • 6×9-inches
  • available in designs: ecoCOLORS, 3R’s
  • 150 lined paged
  • $17, with a percentage towards Evergreen

Visit them at www.ecojot.com