Seven European countries are going a little greener in their bathrooms, with a new eco-friendly toilet that is set to reduce pollution, conserve water, and maintain nutrients. The “NoMix” toilet has been brought to centre stage.nomixtoilet 225x300 Supporting the NoMix toiletThese planet-friendly toilets automatically separate urine and faeces, which helps reduce pollution and save water. With growing acceptance of these high-tech toilets, they’re set to replace conventional toilets with their revolutionary abilities.

See, the NoMox toilets collect urine at the front of the bowl and the faces at the back. By separating the urine before it reaches the treatment plants, it can reduce the amounts of nitrogen and phosphorsus entering rivers.

According to the ACS’s Environmental Science and Technology report, the resulting urine can be recycled as agricultural fertilizer, and in turn, conserves water and poses less of a threat for fish.

Researchers surveyed 2700 folks across Europe, including  Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark.

Reviewing their answers, they found an impressive 80% of them supported these new toilets. About eighty-five per cent of those surveyed also found that the comfort levels (including cleanliness) equaled conventional toilets.

And eighty-five per cent also liked the idea of using this resulting urine as fertilizer.

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