Neti pots are a godsend. Really. With their simple, streamlined design and ease of use, they’re an all-natural solution to combating sinus congestion. If you’re unfamiliar with this wonder, check out the details in our article Clearing your nose with a neti pot.neti-pot-saltWhen using a neti pot, it’s important to also make sure that you use high quality salt. Table salt won’t cut it – in fact, we’ve discovered that it can make things worse, and be uncomfortable, too.

That’s why when we found this three pack of Neti Pot Salts, we loved the effectiveness, as well as the cost efficiency. For the average person, each bag will last for months… Months of clear sinuses, breathability, and nary an infection. Great nose pics.

What makes Neti Pot Salts stand above the rest is that they are nearly 99.99% USP grade salt, meaning that is the highest possible purity salt that is commercially available.

It is also non-iodized, and contains absolutely no additives or anti-caking agents like others do. And just 1/4 teaspoon does the job.

If you haven’t ventured down the neti pot road yet, it’s time you do. Put away the sinus medication, say goodbye to clogged passages – and make sure you’re using the best ingredients possible.

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