A couple months ago we told you all about the SIGG bottle design contest. After what must have been some difficult judging, the results are finally in!

The short version is that SIGG shouted out creative,  imaginative designs that were to be produced on a limited edition SIGG bottle.

Picture 91 SIGG bottle design winners announced!

Folks used the  provided template, submitted their design, and then the public voted for the best, along with SIGG and guest judge Sarah Backhouse.

Picture 53 SIGG bottle design winners announced!Over a span of seven weeks, they recruited about 2,000 designs from 78 different countries.

Winning designs are featured on .4 liter; .6 liter; 1 liter sizes of a limited edition bottle of SIGG which will be distributed and sold in U.S. retail stores and on SIGG’s official website.

Picture 73 SIGG bottle design winners announced!

First place winners also receive $1,000 cash, 5% licensing fee of all bottles sold (wholesale value), a feature on SIGG’s official website and social media channels, and  collection of 100 bottles of their winning SIGG design.

The three runner ups and People’s Choice winner will receive the same features on social media channels, as well as $500.

Picture 62 SIGG bottle design winners announced!The creativity and the level of talent blew the judges away, according to the President of SIGG North America, Rob Dewar. “Narrowing down the finalists was a very difficult task as there were so many standout designs,” he explained. “Ultimately we selected designs that would best align with SIGG’s future collections.”

Backhouse added that because each design has their own story of conservation and eco-awareness, “it was inspiring to explore all the different graphics and see how art and ecology came together for these artists.”

Picture 83 SIGG bottle design winners announced!

Folks can purchase the winning bottles on mysigg.com starting in Fall of this year. The 0.4 liter bottles will be $19.99, 0.6 liter bottles $21.99, and the 1.0 liter bottle $24.99.

To see more submissions, visit www.talenthouse.com/design-for-sigg