We love bamboo and it’s irresistible softness, durability and absorption properties. But what we love most is it’s environment-loving sustainability. And with companies like Shoo-foo, it makes it easy to enjoy this renewable resource.

It’s no question why the name Shoo-foo stands for soft and comfortable – two things that bamboo fabric vibrantly features.

With a background in Ecology and Language Studies, as well as having lived in China for ten years, founder Dany Filion knew that she wanted to make a difference, utilizing the tools she gathered from her university and post-academic years.

It was this that made Filion realize the pesticides pumped into the environment from the not-so-sustainable cotton. Research soon led to discoveries about cotton’s affect on the planet; among them their pesticide use, carcinogenic harm on the planet, pollution caused from the clothing industry and contamination caused to soil and water.

Her travel to China also introduced her to bamboo as a new resource. This soon resulted in bringing it to Canada, and building a thriving company highlighting the combination of planet-friendly items developed with renewable, sustainable sources.

Shoo-foo’s mission, they say, is to reduce their footprint on the Earth by delivering high-quality bamboo products to those who love the planet and a healthy lifestyle.

We have had the opportunity to review their Spa Combo – and we couldn’t be shoo food spa combo 300x147 Shoo foo bamboo towelsmore pleased!

The soft, luxurious myriad of towels include a bath towel, hand towel, and face cloth, packaged together in a trio that is a must for any bathroom.

Each towel features detailed stitching across the bottom, delivering that extra oomph of elegance with attractiveness.

But the spa worthiness isn’t just on how it looks, but on how it feels, too. Incredibly soft and self-indulgent, they’re as soft as wrapping yourself in pure luxury.

We also love that Shoo-foo towels aren’t overly full; instead, they are sleek and satiny, hanging elegantly on the bathroom rail, though thoroughly absorbent. The bath towel is a comforting 30×60″, designed to effectively engulf your body with pure comfort that does it’s job to a tee.

The handtowel is a perfect complement to any bathroom, with a choice of eco-inspired natural, latte brown, or sage green neutrals, or vibrant indigo, to correspond with nearly any bathroom decor.

And we absolutely love the facecloth, making nighttime routines reminiscent of a day at the spa, one that you simply cannot understand you ever did without.

Using renewable bamboo, they are also anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic – perfectly suited for bathroom use.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, renewing in large quantities, requiring only rain and sunlight to feed it: no fertilizers, pesticides or irrigation. It also improves soil quality from its high consumption of nitrogen and absorption of carbon dioxide, as well as high production of oxygen per square meter.

Shoo-foo has harnessed this, using bamboo naturally grown in China. And we always love to highlight companies that send their items sustainably, too; Shoo-foo is no exception. They manufacture their products on site, ship them directly, and use minimal packaging. Excellent.

Shoo-foo Spa Combo

  • soft, absorbent and luxurious towels
  • made of 100% bamboo
  • 600g/sq metre
  • includes: 1 bath towel: 76 x 123 cm (30 x 60 in), 1 hand towel: 33 x 76 cm (13 x 30 in), 1 face cloth: 28 x 33 cm (11 x 13 in)
  • available in sage green, natural, indigo or latte brown

Visit them at shoo-foo.com.