Combine couture and eco-driven ethics and you have green is black, a fashion company delivering you the best of sustainable style.
Featuring both women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories, the company features fashion-forward designers who utilize hemp, bamboo, soy and organic cotton in their pieces, along with reclaimed and vintage materials.

True to their mantra, they only deal with manufacturers who follow Fair Trade policies, combining fashion and positive ethics into one.

The company is as green as their goods, failing to mark any sort of footprint, from riding bicycles to eating organic, local, and low-food chain food, and reusing, reducing and recycling every where possible. They only make new purchases when they can reach their goal of supporting sustainable companies who produce low-impact goods.

Their goals are built on delivering soft, gorgeous, and fashionable clothing, shoes and accessories, but keep it eco-friendly, too. Searching for solutions, they soon discovered a mountain of designers who would stop at nothing for ethical creations – from conception to final result.

green is black ensures that all environmental and social impacts are measured before selling the goods – and the goods, too, are some to note.hempsilkblouse

Their collection is filled with everything from casual tank tops, to comfortable underwear, to luxurious dresses and jackets. And the Kelly B top follows the same guidelines: gorgeous, comfortable, and completely environmentally friendly.

The little details on the top are what makes it stand above the rest. A ruffled detail around the neck complements three, small buttons and a mock collar, flattering to every figure. Each sleeve features the same ruffle and button – a minor detail that draws the eyes to summer sun-kissed arms.

The loose, comfortable fit curves with you body in all the right places, doing its best to accentuate a boyish figure, or gracefully fall in the right places on curvy girls.

Made with 65% hemp and 35% silk, the top delivers a silky sheen that is easy to dress up with your favourite skirt and heals, or keep casual with a comfortable pair of jeans. The comfortable fabric makes you feel like you’re wearing your favourite lived-in tee, but the light, airy fit adds that extra boost of style.

The shirt is coloured in a sexy, feminine lavender, a perfect shade for nearly every skintone, without loud colours or patterns, so its easy to accessorize.

We are in love with the USA-made, sweatshop-free top, and green is black, too, knowing that our shirt was chosen carefully and sustainably, by a company who practices what they preach.

Kelly B” stylish shirt from green is black

  • made from a luxurious combination of hemp and silk
  • available in feminine lavender
  • fits in sizes extra small to large
  • $145.00, on sale for $72.50