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Most of us spend a lot of hours a day deep conditioning, shampooing, and rinsing our hairs only to be repaid with hair that lacks moisture the moment we let it out of the headwrap. Thus keeping your natural hair kinky, detangled, and full of life requires a lot of maintenance and care with the best hair sealants for natural hair.

What is hair sealant?

A Hair sealant refers to an organic or inorganic oil used to seal the hair moisture within the hair strands. According to most experts, the best moisturizer for your hair is water; thus, when selecting a hair moisturizer, you should check out the label to ensure that it’s water-based; thus, to trap this water in the hair, we must seal it, and this is where the hair sealants come in.

Most of the hair sealants are made up of natural oils like carrier oils because oil molecules are larger than water molecules; thus, they effectively block the rate at which the water particles leave the hair.

What is the difference between Sealant and Moisturizer?

To determine your hair needs (depending on its type), you must first fully understand the difference between hair moisturizers and hair sealants.

A hair moisturizer refers to a cosmetic preparation used in the prevention or relief of hair dryness. Normally hair moisturization is done by your body by simply releasing sebum from the sebaceous gland, making its way from the scalp, thus lubricating the whole hair strand. For example, in some cases, if one has underactive oil glands, which are typically caused by the aging process or genetics, this natural lubrication method may not be effective, thus making one opt for home treatment. It’s keynoting that numerous hair products use the word moisturizer freely without considering its actual meaning; thus, you should be careful in choosing the type of hair moisturizer you use by simply reading the products used in its manufacture.

On the other hand, a hair sealant refers to what you use in locking your hair moisturizer into the hair. This sealant, which in most cases is made up of butter and oil, plays a great role in keeping your moisture from leaving your hair too quickly.

If you love your natural hair, it’s important to know how to properly seal in moisture to keep it healthy and nourished. The choice of hair sealant depends on your hair’s thickness, with thicker hair requiring a heavier sealant. However, some hair types may not need a sealant at all. If you have oily hair, a sealant is necessary to retain moisture in your hair strands. Keep your natural hair looking and feeling its best by using the right hair sealant for your hair type and moisturizing regularly.

Does Sealant promote hair growth?

It’s key to note that sealants promote the growth of your hair. The sealing process strengthens the hair by simply increasing its elasticity, thus preventing it from brittle, hence breaking off.


The moment was done with moisturizing our hair; it’s a requirement to apply our most favorable choice of hair butter or oil to seal in its moisture. This is because the twists and turns of our natural oil do not allow the sebum produced by the hair’s scalp to be distributed throughout the length of our hair, thus allowing the moisture to escape leaving it dry. Therefore to prevent our hair from becoming dry by maintaining its moisture, it’s up to us to apply the best sealants for natural hair.

To purchase the best sealant for natural hair at an affordable price among the multitudes of brands in the market, you require a lot of thinking and experience since not every sealant will properly work on our hair to produce the outcome we crave. Worry no more because we have you covered with the best sealants for natural hair you can find in the market so far.

1. SHEA BUTTER – Raw Apothecary All-Natural Ivory Shea Butter

If you are looking for a steal deal in Shea butter, you will never go wrong with the Raw Apothecary All Natural Ivory Shea Butter. This Shea butter comes in a resealable jar and has a creamy texture, making it almost lotion-like, thus convenient for use for our hair. It’s also unrefined and raw with a light and pleasant scent, which means that it’s not manipulated or over-filtered.

Several hair reviews note that it’s the most favorable sealant for natural hair since it’s raw and has no additives or dyes, which might alter its efficacy.


• It’s non-comedogenic.

• It has convenient jar storage.

• A creamy texture.

• No additives or dyes.

• Light and pleasant scent.


• It’s easy to whip.

• It has a pleasant smell.

• It has no dyes or additives.

• It has convenient jar storage, which is resealable.


• It has a terrible smell.


Aunt Jackie’s Coconut Crème is another nourishing additional sealant for natural hair. This rich, creamy, and moisture incentive crème is renowned worldwide for its esoteric benefits, which includes acting as a penetrating remedy, thus getting into the hair shaft and depositing long-lasting nutrients which play a greater role in improving the hairs’ health, for instance, filling in the cracked cuticles of natural curls and coils thus preventing the escape of moisture.


• 100 percent natural.

• It’s lightweight.


• Rejuvenation of over-processed hair.

• The reversal of chronic dryness, damage, and breakage in natural hair.

• Acting as a balance for moisture.

• Filling in cracked cuticles.

• Improving the porosity of a person’s hair.


• The product is watery.

3. CHIA OIL – Chía Oil Hair Treatment

If you taste natural ingredients when selecting a favorable hair sealant for your natural hair, you will never go wrong with the Chia oil Hair treatment. This Latino hair treatment, which is made up of cold-pressed chia seeds, is clear, lightweight, and plays a greater role in several other purposes. It’s also rich in antioxidants such as omega 3-6-9, which are resourceful in the hydration of hair from its root tip. It also uses Latino in the addition of instant shine and conditioning in intense hair repair.


• It’s rich in antioxidants such as omega 3-6-9 for hair nourishment.

• It’s primarily formulated from Chia Seed Oil.

• It’s clear and lightweight.

• It’s color-safe with a smooth texture.


• The oil is lightweight.

• It has a smooth texture


• It’s a little bit westerly

4. CASTOR OIL – Sunny Isle Extra Dark Jamaican Black Castor Oil

The Sunny Isle Extra Dark Jamaican lack Castor Oil is another excellent addition of natural hair sealant to your hair regimen. This oil, which is made up of traditionally processed organic seeds, has an extra dark color made up of the ash content brought about by the longer period of time taken in roasting the beans. Besides acting as a sealant for hair moisture, this oil is renowned for treating hot oil, the treatment of fungal infections, and the removal of abdominal stretch marks.


• Stimulation of all hair types.

• Quick regrowth of hair on bald areas.

• Used for eyebrow growth


• Effective regrow in thinning spots.

• Useful in eyebrow growth.


• It is costly

5. OJON OIL – Au Natural Organics Ojon Oil (Caiaue Oil)

The Au Organic Ojon Oil, also known as Caiaue oil, is taking the beauty world by storm, and why not? It is an excellent sealant for any natural hair. This oil can deeply penetrate the skin of the user to restore moisture in the hair, boosting the skin barrier layer, which helps in sealing in natural moisture, thus preventing water loss and stimulating the production of collagen. It’s also packed with antioxidants, which help fight free radicals, thus lessening the damage of the molecules that attack the skin cells, especially for the aged.


• It’s rich in amino acids.

• Has a high vitamin content.

• Contains omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids


• Easy to use.

• Affordable.

• Doesn’t leave behind residues


• Its smell is faint.

6. ALMOND AND AVOCADO – Design Essentials Natural

The Design Essential Natural oil is a highly beneficial sealant for natural hair because of its balanced natural ingredients, including almond and avocado products. Besides the strong and holding properties of a gel, this creamy, lightweight gel packs the moisture benefits while still upholding its sealant properties of giving your natural hair a favorable and balanced moisture content.


• Balanced natural ingredients.

• It has similar moisture benefits to a 2 N 1 Cr’eMe

• It’s lightweight.


• It gives an excellent natural sheen

• Reduces frizz.


• It dries up quickly

7. ALMOND OIL – NOW Solutions, Sweet Almond Oil

Deprived of pressed almonds, the New Solutions Sweet Almond Oil Is typically the best natural hair sealant given it’s not greasy or heavy; thus, it’s easily absorbed and does not clog the pores, making it effective in sealing moisture from escaping. This oil is NON-GMO and a hundred percent pure and has been certified by GMP Quality.


• NON-GMO, and 100% pure.

• GMP quality assured.

• Does not clog the pores.


• It has no additives

• It’s not greasy or heavy.

• It’s easily absorbed into the skin


• The plastic squeeze cap sometimes leaks.

Some have had issues of mold growing on the lids.

8. AVOCADO OIL – Life-Flo Pure Avocado Oil

If you require a clean and soothing delivery of nutrients to your hair while still maintaining the moisturizing property of your hair, the Life-Flo Pure Avocado Oil is a steal deal. This oil is obtained by cold pressing the avocados’ pulps to obtain its nutrients, making it a natural and excellent hair nutrient. Besides being a good sealant for natural hair, it also has several benefits: containing a high naturally occurring vitamin A and oleic acid, which are absorbed into the skin, thus enhancing the elasticity of your hair without clogging the pores.


• It’s highly nutritious, thus benefiting the hair with oleic acid and Vitamin A.

• Rich in antioxidants.

• Has a deep moisturizing content.


• An excellent product

• Ensures the hair remains moisturized.

• It makes the hair soft.


• The product appears watered out.

9. JOJOBA OIL – Jojoba Oil by Leven Rose

Made in the USA, the cold-pressed unrefined and organic Jojoba Oil by Leven Rose is another good choice of a natural hair sealant. This oil is absolutely natural and humectant and comes close to what the body actually produces in ensuring that the hair is evenly moisturized. It’s also key to note that making it easier for the skin layer to absorb it easily. It also comes in a dark amber bottle with a glass stopper that extends the shelf life because natural oils are light sensitive.


• The oil is nutrient-dense in antioxidants.

• It’s 100 percent natural.

• It comes in an amber bottle and glass stopper, which increases its shelf life.


• It’s quickly absorbed.

• Quality bottle and dropper made of amber glass.

• It’s paraben-free.


• It has a strange smell.

• Under low temperatures, the oil solidifies.

• It’s not 100% pure.

10. GRAPE SEED OIL – Botanical Beauty GRAPE SEED Oil. 100% Pure

Generally, in keeping the skin and hair by inhibiting moisture loss, the botanic beauty grape seed oil is an excellent choice. This type of oil contains stearic, oleic, eicosanoic, and decanoic fatty acids, essential in this process. It’s also 100 percent pure and natural and does not add any chemicals during manufacture. Above all, it comes in a dark bottle to protect the antioxidant properties of the oil from light.


• Its 100 percent pure and natural

• It has regeneration and rebuilding properties.

• It’s packed in a dark bottle.


• It prevents the loss of moisture from your hair.

• Promotes the growth of shiny hair

• Easy to use

• It’s cheaper.


• Whenever it’s exposed to light, the oil loses its antioxidant properties.

11. ARGAN OIL – PURA D’OR Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Our hair is usually damaged by the harsh UV light from the sun and from using hot hair tools; however, with PURA D’OR Argan Moroccan Argan oil, full of antioxidants, the damage is reduced. It’s key to note that the more antioxidants, the more your hair’s moisture content is protected, making it preferred as a hair sealant. Besides being a good hair sealant, it’s also an excellent oil for face treatment.


• The oil is 100 percent pure.

• It’s natural.

• The oil is full of antioxidants.


• It’s affordable

• Works well

• Makes the hair shiny


• Poor delivery service

12. HEMP OIL – Hemp Seed Oil for Skin and Hair

Hemp seed oil is currently trending in the beauty industry due to its efficiency in preventing hair from moisture loss. Thus, the oil is natural from the hemp seeds and has absolutely close to no side effects; hence, it can be used in several cosmetics, including cream shampooing, shaving, sun screening, and massage.


• The oil is 100 percent natural.

• It is full of Vitamin A


• Its 100 percent natural

• It’s full of antioxidants.

• Attracts moisture.

• Locks in hydration

• Acts as an anti-inflammatory


• It’s costly


By now, it’s quite obvious that you have learned that oils are an essential part of our routines. However, shopping for the most favorable natural sealant for your hair can sometimes be a hassle, especially when you’re doing it online since you never know what you’ve got until you’ve actually tried it yourself on your hair. Therefore, you should take absolute care in your selection but keep in mind that you will never go wrong with hair sealants’ above choices.