If you’re looking for luxury in a reusable shopping bag, look no farther. We’ve discovered the ultimate in tote bags. On the other hand, compostable plastic bags is another cheaper option.

We’ve had the opportunity to review a Twaddle Shopper which, compared to anything else, is the best reusable shopping bag that we’ve ever used. Really. And trust us, we don’t have to say that.

Twaddle Shoppers are far more than your typical tote bag, for many reasons.

But first, we’ll outline the frustrations that we have with reusable bags in a mini manifesto:

1. They aren’t all eco-friendly

That’s true. Though their job description reduces waste and provides a reusable alternative to negate having to use so many plastic bags, not all reusable shopping and tote bags are eco-friendly themselves. Are the fabrics, dyes, and materials good for the environment? It is something you should keep in mind when doing the shopping for… well, something you’ll be doing more shopping with.

2. They get stinky, sticky, or loaded with germs

I have a pile of reusable bags from my local grocery store, and although they are good in most areas, they are made of a materials that just soaks in the grime. Yes, any bag can tap into those odours and stains, but my grocery store ones really suck them in. I don’t love it.

3. They aren’t durable

Listen, if I wanted a bag to rip when loaded with groceries, I would pay the 5 cents for a plastic one. Instead, I want to be able to load my bag with too many groceries and successfully have it stay in tact. Can we make that happen? Thanks.

4. They’re ugly

Okay, yes, aesthetics aren’t everything, but let’s be honest: they count for something. In the case of my reusable bags, they don’t have to be pretty, but darn it, they should be pretty appealing, at least.

But that’s pretty much it. There isn’t much else to dislike; after all, they’re just your average reusable shopping bag.

But then we found one that trumps them all, one that surpasses our expectations, and then some. One, well, that we really, really like.

Twaddle Shoppers.

Twaddle Shoppers are the next evolutionary step in your reusable shopping bags. This is because they combat (and surpass) all of the aforementioned issues, while still getting the job done.

The Twaddle Shopper is, indeed, eco-friendly. It’s fabric is entirely safe for the planet, and uses a special AirDye tecnology to help preserve the environment in the coloring process. AirDye is a revolutionary new process that dyes and prints textiles without using water. It also produces up to 84 percent fewer greenhouse gases, and 86% less energy.

In fact, the whole company is dedicated to making things a little bit greener. At Crypton, they believe that lives are interconnected with our community and environment, and because of this, we are in the midst of making the world that we want to live in.  They continually look at innovative solutions to reduce their eco-  footprint and, in turn, bring this to the consumer.

Their efforts include investing in renewable energy and carbon offsets, testing new eco-friendly items and ideas, using the best practices possible to reduce water and energy, use, emit less pollution, and reduce the use of packaging materials, and create recycling programs.

But back to the bag.

See, the thing with the Twaddle Shoppers is that they aren’t ever going to be stinky or disgusting. This is because they are stain, germ, and odor resistant. In fact, to clean it, most liquid spills can be blotted with a towel, and difficult stains can be spot cleaned with a simple mixture of soap and water. But everything else, really, just rolls right off. That’s because these bags are not only stain and bacteria resistant, but also contain a built-in moisture barrier that prevents liquids from penetrating the fabric.

Durability isn’t even a question here: to test it out, I loaded it with the heaviest groceries I could muster. Did it last? Yes. Does it last each time? Yes. The bag includes 20 by 24 inches of pure strength, perfect for whatever I want to stuff in the bag.

And finally, the biggest key to them all: it isn’t ugly. Not even close! It comes in five colours: Glow, Electric, Buzz Storm, Fire, all of which are swished and swirled with black. Just like their name, they feature the Power Lines design from artist Randy Twaddle.

If you are an avid grocery doer, and bring your own bags, this is definitely the shopper for you. Available from Crypton, these bags sell for $36 and are worth every penny.