healthy diet vs carbs diet

Though carbohydrates are an important source of energy, too many of them can play havoc with healthy eating and diet plans.

When a person’s carb intake is healthy, carbs act as crucial fat burners. However, when there are too many carbs included in a diet, they, unfortunately, act as sugar burners.

For those looking to lose weight, unhealthy carbs make it increasingly difficult to do so. But more worryingly, for those that have little control over their carb intake, diabetes and prediabetes can become a potential issue.

Fortunately, there are 3 most simple ways that you can work at instantly reducing the number of carbs you consume in your everyday diet.

1. Eliminate as Many Sugary Foods from Your Diet as Possible

Some of the main culprits of high carbs appear in the form of sugar-laden sweetened drinks and even in many fruit juices.

So many people like to consume such drinks as energy boosters, finding these the easiest of products to have to hand or pull off the shelf.

Yet, as these are some of the most problematic ways of accessing carbs, these need to be reduced significantly – or better still eliminated altogether.

The good news is, you don’t need such bad carb products to achieve that pick me up. You can in fact use small amounts of low-calorie sweeteners, or even add slices of fruit to your drinks for that added zing.

When it comes to sugary snacks, look at replacing them with fresh fruit, organic fruit, kale-chips, air-popped popcorn, and nuts.

2. Consider Replacing as Many Carb Foods as Possible with Alternatives

Other food culprits offering a high proportion of carbs are those such as bread, potatoes, and even some breakfast food choices.

Though it’s not essential to eliminate these food groups altogether, when reducing your carb intake, it’s a good idea to switch these foods with good-tasting alternatives.

White bread, however, is one of the worst bread types and is actually best avoided. But potential replacements here can include whole-grain bread and low-carb bread choices.

Top view above composition, half sliced homemade wheat grain fresh gluten free bread in craft paper tied with twine. Premium Photo

Another great idea is to get into the habit of regularly replacing potatoes for vegetables, low-carb flours for wheat flours, and reducing your milk intake by choosing almonds or coconut milk.

For breakfast, start experimenting with several egg recipes, nuts, and seeds, reducing shop-bought cereal boxes which are often some of the unhealthiest.

3. Try Adding a Meal Replacement Program Into Your Diet

Once you’ve created a healthier diet plan overall, one way to keep your momentum going is to look to a meal replacement plan and one that actually works!

The Type2Diet, for example, was specifically designed to naturally lower blood and sugar levels alongside A1C. This not only helps with weight loss but also works at combating diabetes.

For those that may struggle with getting the balance of carbs just right in their everyday diet, this is a delicious tasting shake that works to keep you feeling full for hours – so no more snacking in between main meals!

No more need to guess, weigh up, track, or continually check before you eat or drink, you can use Type2Diet by just adding water and replacing two meals a day. Then, in as little as 12 weeks, if you want to keep using the shakes, you can!

For the Best Success, Try Combining All 3 of These Simple Ways

Overall, when you take the time to get the balance of your diet right and aim for a low-carb diet, the results are phenomenal.

A low-carb diet, achieved by changing your overall eating habits and incorporating specialized replacement meal diets such as the Type2Diet, can significantly improve your health.

From using the right energy source to burn fat better, lowering insulin levels, and stabilizing your blood glucose levels, you’ll also be able to regulate your appetite to sustain you for longer.

And, all it takes is a re-think of what you currently eat, adding a couple of replacement food types, and the addition of a delicious filling shake to get you on track and working towards an overall healthier lifestyle!