What to do when you have several old fridges and nowhere to put them? Make up a monument to resemble Stonehenge, of course.The UK-based Organic Milk Co-operative has aimed to highlight the benefits of drinking organic milk over conventional milk, with its absence of chemicals and pesticides.fridgehenge Recycled fridges support organic milk

They call it “Fridgehenge”, adorned in a cow-print design. Recently unveiled, it’s on display until September 29th at Encie Farm in Somerset.

From the BBC:

Robert Foote, organic farmer, said: “It’s a marvellous idea, anything that will promote organic sales has got to be a good thing hasn’t it? It is quite eye-catching from the road.

“It brings the attention to people – perhaps they’ll realise spending a few pence more is a good thing, not only more healthy for them but for the cattle which have been fed on grass without chemicals or artificial fertilisers on them.”

Do you think this is an effective way to spread the word about drinking organic milk?

If you’re not going the dairyless route, check out these brands:

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Image courtesy of the BBC.