We recently reviewed Raw Food Made Easy For 1 or 2 People by Jennifer Cornbleet, loving every morsel of her straight-forward, delicious and simple approach to the raw vegan diet. But her follow-up, Raw for Dessert: Easy Delights for Everyone, takes the cake.Featuring all-natural, clever recipes using the freshest of ingredients, Raw for Dessert raw-for-dessert-jennifer-cornbleetdelivers an alternative to your run-of-the-mill dessert book. Every recipe is completely vegan, and is void of processed, refined flours and sugars.

Oh, and no oven required.

No baking, no cooking, no doughs, no burning. Instead, Raw for Dessert is a myriad of immaculate no-bake treats.

Traditional baking can step aside, with what Cornbleet refers to as “the art of substitution.” But don’t let that worry you – the ingredients aren’t out of the ordinary. Instead, flour is swapped for ground nuts, dates and natural sweeteners for sugar, and coconut and avocado for cream and butter.

For those who don’t follow a completely strict raw diet, Cornbleet caters to them with substitutions and additions. For example, her decadent Chocolate Ice Cream features raw cocoa powder as an ingredient, however non-raw-foodists can substitute their regular cocoa powder.

Luckily for us (as readers and eaters), fruits are highlighted in their natural sweetness, enhancing them with just a few additions for everyday eating. Take the Classic Ambrosia, for example, bringing the fresh taste of oranges, bananas, and coconut together with just a touch of added sweetness – in addition to an offering of variations to the basic recipe.

Although justifying rich treats should never be an option, Cornbleet combinations do just that. Who can resist a decadent Knockout Brownie Sundae? We certainly can’t, and taking a look through the ingredients make it even better. Brazil nuts, for example are rich in fibre and selenium. The brownie and ganache highlights antioxidant-rich cocoa, and her use of walnuts delivers omega-3 goodness.

And we promise, this is just the beginning.

Just like in Raw Food Made Easy, Cornbleet delivers each recipe with ease. Fancy kitchen appliances, uncommon ingredients, and hours of preparation don’t make their appearance. Instead it’s a simple, focused and mouth-watering combination of everything you need to make drool-worthy desserts.

After a basic primer on ingredients, equipment, technique and knife skills (which anyone can master), the book launches into the pages of recipes. It begins with the Basics, outlining frostings, jams, crusts, and more, essential ingredients to many of the recipes to follow. Fruit Desserts comes next, highlighting nature’s bounty with crumbles, trifles and other delicious combinations.

Next comes Sorbets, Ice Creams and Sundaes, with options such as basic Chocolate Ice Cream to fancier Cookies n’ Cream and Peach Melba.

This is followed by our favourite chapter, Cakes, Cookies and Bars, with a Spice Cake to showcase at the holidays, a Chocolate Lava Cake to win over anyone’s heart. It doesn’t end there; Pies and Tarts are next, making delicious use of fruits, chocolate, pumpkin and pecan.

The recipes end with Creamy Desserts then Candy, with puddings and fudge and everything in between.

What we love most is that you don’t have to be a vegan to love the book. You definitely don’t have to be a raw foodist. You just have to love desserts and treats featuring simple ingredients and directions with outstanding results.

We also love is the variety included, with local ingredients abundant, depending on the season. It’s the perfect time to try the Apple-Pear Crumble and the Winter Compote, both, we promise, are sure to please.

We love this book, and it’s perfect combination of decadence, simplicity, and (dare we admit) healthy.

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To read more about author Jennifer Cornbleet, visit her at www.learnrawfood.com.