The true essence of food is highlighted in its purest forms: the sweetest of berries, creamiest of nuts, crispest of carrots. Delicious, whole foods in their utmost primitive state.

We love highlighting the goodness and fresh, whole-foods based cuisine, and raw vegan recipes take the essence of this and moves it a step forward.rawfoodmadeeasy

With a goal to help you dive into unprocessed, fresh food, author Jennifer Cornbleet shows you how to expand your options of raw vegan cuisine with easy, inexpensive meals designed for singles and couples.

In her book Raw Food Made Easy For 1 or 2 People, Cornbleet stresses the simplicity of the diet, showing how to produce quick meals at home without sacrificing taste. Much more than mundane salads, the recipes in the food focus on greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, while eliminating bad fats and refined foods.

By adopting a raw diet, even just a few times a week, your body benefits with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, fibre and more -all essential for good health.

Cornbleet doesn’t approach this by preaching the superiority of a raw diet, but instead providing easy ways to incorporate them into your life. With simple options and few unusual ingredients, she brings raw food into the “every day” menu, without calling for techniques that may be too time consuming or daunting to those interested in raw foods cuisine.

Raw Food Made Easy For 1 or 2 People focuses on the every day, the recipes that can be made quickly, eaten often, and are user-friendly.

And user-friendly it is. The book begins with information on what to include in the kitchen, covering the basics such as a whisk to the must-have Microplane grater (which, by the way, we really recommend. Get your own: Microplane Grater/Zester).

She then moves into the pantry, where she covers every kitchen stable. From paprika to salt to raw tahini, she gives you a grocery list, filled with common grocery items, including produce.

A common practice for raw foodists is to soak nuts and seeds, and with Cornbleet’s handy soaking chart, it’s a perfect resource to have on hand.

The first group of recipes include kitchen staples for advanced preparation, such as almond butter and lemon juice. It’s then organized into sections on breakfast, lunch and dinner, and dessert.

Each recipe includes the equipment needed and if preparation is required, taking out all of the guesswork for the steps involved. She also includes variations for a twist on her favourites, allowing for substitutes to suit all tastes, preferences, and what you might have on hand.

Breakfast includes juices, fruit dishes and cereals, covering all the bases for every palate. Lunch and Dinner highlights dips, pâtés, and sauces, soups, salads, sandwiches, entrées and side dishes. Desserts covers everything from cakes to cookies to pies to ice cream.

The best part of the book is that you don’t have to be a raw foodist to enjoy them. Every ingredient can be found at your local grocer, and the only other thing you need is a few minutes and a hungry stomach.

Breakfast lovers will love the Granola, featuring various nuts, seeds, fruits and homemade almond milk, guaranteed to start your day. Taking under two minutes to prepare, it can be stored for a few days, saying goodbye to claims of having “no time” on your busiest days.

Although the food isn’t cooked, many of the dishes are still warming in their ingredient selections. The Swiss Chard with Pine Nuts and Raisins brings out the true flavour of each, combined with a simple vinaigrette and an easy preparation.

The desserts will, undoubtedly, appeal to all, taking the essence of dates, cacao, nuts and fresh fruit at the heart of many of the recipes. Warming Apple Pie and tangy Key Lime Tarts are just among the favourite classics, revisited to become healthy, no-cook versions.

The book also includes attractive food photography, helping readers eat with their eyes, drawn to the various wraps, sides, and desserts.

We love Raw Food Made Easy For 1 or 2 People because it’s written by a real home chef for the real home chefs. Whether you’re a novice or just sampling raw cuisine, it’s perfect for everyone, making it realistic and delicious.

The clear instructions allow for each recipe to be done with ease, and with over one hudred recipes, most with variations, Cornbleet has successfully delivered a comprehensive resource for anyone who loves fresh, whole food.

You can also visit her her website Learn Raw Food for more details about her books, the raw food diet, and the services she offers to get started!

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