We’ve heard it before: indoor plants are good to have around–for more than just aesthetic reasons. They benefit us both as a productivity workforce and for our health, too. Here’s why you need to head over to the greenhouse:



Contaminants can’t thrive

Think of it this we: we are constantly breathing the same air, especially during the winter months when our windows are closed. Inhaling any form of harmful contaminants that are trapped in our indoors does not do our body good. Plants can help remedy that by removing VOCs in the air.

Aid against allergies

Believe it or not, there are indoor plants for allergies, easing the effects of common allergens such as polen and pet dander. What is more, a large portion of these plants are beginner-friendly.

They’re easy to access

You don’t have to designate a member of the workplace to outfit the office with plants. Instead, there are companies that’ll do it for you. Just make sure you hunt down the best indoor plant hire service to take the job done so it’s done up to your office standards and the options meet all your needs.

Natural humidifer

Plants release moisture vapor, which increases humidity in the air. In turn, this helps keeps skin moister, and colds and sore throats at bay. If any employees are feeling under the weather, it could help cure problems before they start.

Over-the-counter replacement

Plants naturally contain eucalyptus, which means it can help clear phlegm and congestion from your system. We often have to resort to using over-the-counter remedies, which can put filler ingredients in our bodies and can be overpriced, too. This offers a natural alternative. Don’t clutter the office with extraneous medication; instead some plants can do the trick.

Brain boosters

Studies have shown that students have demonstrated a greater attentiveness when they had their lectures in halls that were containing plants. Not only that, the attendance was fuller, too. This will certainly add the productivity element to your workplace, combined with less turn around thanks to the attendance.

Aloe can cure all

Well, not all, but aloe sure can help with a  host of ailments, ranging from pain relief for sprains and strains, to kitchen and sun burns, to infections. It also works well as a moisturizer, too. Keep one in the office kitchen, one near the gym, and one in the bathroom.

Fighters of the flu

And it doesn’t stop there: plants can help fight colds from increasing humidity levels in the home, combat headaches due to excess dust, and decrease blood pressure thanks to their ability to maintain stress levels. Big budget deadline coming up? Buy a few extra plants.


In case you are not sure if you can take proper care of your greenery, check out these tips for keeping your plants alive.

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