Everyday, more and more apps are developed, and we love that a lot of them are environmentally centric. Though we’ve talked about this before, we’ve nailed some new favorites.

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Got those already? Here are some more of our favorites:


It can definitely be daunting to always be checking out ingredient lists, nutrition claims and labels, and various health markings on products. That is why Fooducate is so awesome! We can’t all sit around at the grocery store and analyze every label to death, but Fooducate can.

Fooducate allows users to automatically scan a product barcode and see both good and bad product highlights. It can let you compare products, find better alternatives, and learn more about food and nutrition.

Created by dietitians and concerned parents, it uses your mobile’s camera to scan the UPC barcode, and gives you the info for over 200,000 unique products (and growing daily). The simple-to-use interface is available on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android OS version 2.2 and up, and let’s you get into the nitty gritty of the product. We’re talking too much sugar, hidden trans, excess preservatives, food colorings, serving size trickery, and more!

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seafood watch 160x300 Our latest most loved eco related apps

Seafood Watch

If you want to learn the details about what fish is safe to eat, as well as if they are endangered or not, then Seafood Watch is for you. This app is created by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program, which educates users on ocean-friendly seafood and sushi choices. It also has an interactive map that helps to identify ocean-friendly eateries providing sustainable seafood choices.

Another perk of the app is Project FishMap, which lets users share locations of restaurants and markets where you’ve found sustainable seafood. The app brings users current information on where to find good choices, as well as information about how each item should be fished or farmed. It provides free, up-to-date information, users your GPS to find the right guide to your location, lets you search and sort your choices quickly and easily, lists sushi-grade fish by both Japanese and market names, provides alternatives on the avoid list, and contribute to help the app grow.

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Locavore is a simple solution to finding local, in-season food. Users can easily find nearby farmers’ markets and farms that sell the products you are searching for. It also delivers  seasonal recipes and tips for shopping green.

Based on your phone’s GPS location, the app finds local resources if you’re in the US, Ontario, or British Columbia. Users can read all about them on their profile page, find a specific local item you have been looking for or just check out what’s in-season right now. There are also recipe suggestions based on your food choices, and it easily connects to Facebook.

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It can definitely be a struggle to find out which products contain GMOs. ShopNoGMO gives users a list of non-GMO products, and offers tips on how to decipher ingredient lists avoid GMOs in restaurants and eating out. Users can view hundreds of non-GMO products in 27 different food categories, as well as create their own custom shopping list.

Chances are, you already know that GMOs a basically lab-results, taking genes from one species and putting it in another. The thing is, the United States doesn’t require this to be labeled.

ShopNoGMO gives the information about the science behind genetic engineering and modification, as well as the health risks of GMOs and hundreds of non-GMO brand names. It features tips, an easy-to-use guide, FAQ, a shopping list, hidden ingredients, dining out tips, organic information, and more.

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eCalc – Energy Savings

Want to figure out how much energy you could save using specific products? Looking for incentives for eco-friendly home improvements? Users can take advantage of eCalc to figure out how to cut down on their bills. This handy, easy-to-use app is perfect for estimating energy savings, giving you the details on monthly and annual cost savings, the reduction in your carbon footprints, and any forms of incentives that you’ll gain.Get it here from the app store.


Are you an avid (or wannabe) gardener? This app tells you what is available all year. Taking into consideration your location and the current weather, iGrowIt provides detailed growing instructions, recipe suggestions, tips, and more.

The tap of a button gives folks in the US and the UK access all the essential information they need on how and when to grow vegetables. Tapping “What can I grow today?” will display all of the vegetables that are currently growable, based on your location and the month of the year. Plan ahead, for the moment, and whenever you need: it has everything for you, from preparation to planting to picking to eating!

Experienced gardeners will love it as a  useful reference point for planting schedules and instructions, and beginners will appreciate it’s worth in learning how to garden.

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