Often when we think of cleaning out our closets in a green way, we think of making a trip to Goodwill with a bag of clothing to donate. While this is a great way to help the less fortunate, it is also another cause for a party!

‘Swishing Parties’ are gaining popularity (especially in times of a recession) withclothing exchange 221x300 Ones trash is anothers treasure the main goal of finding new homes for old clothing and accessories.

The way an event works is a group of women clean out their individual closets, bring their clothing, shoes, and accessories to the party host’s home and make trades with their own closet calamities for other’s fashion faux-pas.

After all, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.

Recycle Reuse and Re-Gift

As the holidays come along, holiday soirees are the way to gather everyone together and a resourceful way to do it (economically and ecologically) is to hold a Swishing Party.

Instead of buying all ten of your girlfriends individual gifts (does Sarah really need another purply M.A.C eye-shadow?) why not invite them over for a Girls-Only-Christmas Party?

Everyone bring their bag of clothing they no longer have use for, pour the Christmas cocktails and let the exchanging begin!

After everyone has gotten what they want, donate the rest to a charitable cause, such as Goodwill (goodwill.on.ca) or one of the many breast cancer donation bins located throughout Canada (find out more at breastcancersupport.org).

The Ugly Facts About Your (Ex) Cashmere

Donating or giving away clothing that you no longer want is such an obvious thing when it comes to cleaning out your closet, but many will be surprised to learn that clothing still gets dumped into the trash every year.

The Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy, which is very big on clothing donation and has many donation bins situated throughout Ontario, reports that on average, “80% of textiles thrown away still have 75% of their wear-ability left”, and that “synthetic  (man-made fibres) products will not decompose, and while woolen garments, do compose, they produce methane gas which causes global warming.”

These facts alone are enough reason to haul the unwanted contents of your closet to a donation bin, or get out the calendar and plan a swishing event with Red Homecoming Dresses.

So if you’re looking for a fun way to get your girlfriends together and to get a free new-to-you sweater out of the deal, or to avoid spending too much cash at Christmas, consider swish the newest way to shop! (and if you don’t love it after you take it home, get your hands on Reconstructing Clothes For Dummies, the best in personalizing your unique style!)

Read more about Swishing from swishing.org and swishing.co.uk.

Images courtesy of furniturehomedesign.com and mams.rmit.edu.au