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While everyone wants to stay in good shape, not many are eager to run, cycle, or attend gym sessions. It is this that has fueled the rise in the adoption of home fitness machines like elliptical trainers. They are a good source of cardiovascular exercises that enable you to shed off excess weight while at the same time firming your muscles right at the comfort of your own home.

Other than that, the machine also brings about many other conveniences. Here comes the question: Which is the best for your use? What is the right one for you? And which is worth purchasing?

As we speak, there are many options that you may set your eyes on in the market today. Finding the most suitable pick may hence be quite challenging. We understand this fact only too well. That is why we saw it necessary to draft this article. You have to read it prior to browsing the many options that are in the market at the moment.

Before drafting this article, we took the time to investigate, consult past users, and even try out a couple of these products. At the tail end, we chose only those products that are the best for you.

NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical Features

nordictrack elite 10.9 elliptical

As we have already explained, selecting the right elliptical device is no mean task. Among the dozens we have in the market, we chose the Nordic Track. Why? That is given its legacy and exceptionally high quality.

These two yardsticks contribute to the propulsion of the NordicTrack to one of the most outstanding brands in the world. It also possesses the added benefits of being cheaper, exhibiting premium parts, and exuding much power.

Here below are its most outstanding features and benefits:

Effective Resistance

It comes equipped with some circular current resistance. This blends well with a power-adjustable ramp that you use to regulate the levels of intensities of your preferences with great precision. Its flywheel also provides smoother and sounder performances that enable you to engage your workout sessions with the most natural momentums.

Using this machine, you may vary the levels of intensities exceptionally well. Thanks to its adjustable stride, you may also go ahead to leverage some convenience in the course of use. These two enable you to enjoy your workout regimes without necessarily predisposing yourself to the risks of the knee and joint injuries.

For the above reasons, this machine is a great one for the starters and the pro users. That it lets you adjust the inclines and the levels of strides make it all the more suitable for your use.

Fitness Meter

A fitness meter that is of the LCD display quality and measures 7 inches in size also comes along. The meter possesses a host of advanced features that exude the pertinent pieces of information about the prevailing levels of resistance, distance covered, time taken thus far, pulse rates, calories burned, and the speed of practice.

Via this display unit, you may also watch your workout videos, access the internet, or peek into the fitness app with absolute ease. This provision of the iFit app makes it particularly easier for you to undertake workout sessions that are designed and formulated by professionals.

Embedded in its makeup are a total of 32 workout programs that all enable you to dedicate yourself to the matters of fitness and programs. They are further designed by persons who are certified and experienced in the fields of exercising and endeavor to provide the best workout outcomes to the users thereof.

nordictrack elite 10.9 elliptical

Its console possesses some unique features like the water bottle holder, tablet holder, and the EKG pulse grips that all work to maintain your hold on the machine in ways that are firm and secure enough. They let you carry out your workouts with maximum comfort as well.

In all, the console is user-friendly, a fact that makes it quite important for the users to make maximum use of the exercise regimens at all times of the engagement of the elliptical trainer.

iFit Coach Capacity

The NordicTrack Elite 10.9 provides you with a whopping 32 workout programs that confer varying degrees of intensities and fitness goals. These workouts have been designed by professional trainers to confer the very best fitness outcomes for you.

Of particular concern is the fact that the machine is compatible with the iFit Coach. That means if you possess the iFit membership, you also have the leeway of designing your unique training program. That is given the fact that it puts you in firm control of determining the body shape that you want to assume.

To engage this unique feature, you must first and foremost register (per month or per year). Thereafter, you will gain access to a host of personal trainers around the world. They may deliver the fitness either in person or via a host of outdoor workouts straddled across the region.

An IFit coach also keeps a keen eye on the assignments that are advanced to you, recommends the kinds of foods you may eat, your sleep and overall exercising regimes, and other vital metrics. What’s more? You may even share your training outcomes with the family and friends if you so wish!

This iFit Coach is an optional feature. Nonetheless, it also serves to motivate them to work out more frequently and harder. Because of this, it truly deserves an annual fee!

Smoother Pedals

The pedals of this elliptical are smoother to engage. That stems from the fact that they are designed and intended to confer to you the benefit of natural pedaling motions without necessarily having you exert your feet excessively.

nordictrack elite 10.9 elliptical pedals

Moreover, it lets its users enhance their performances by making the workouts to be more comfortable on the whole. At the same time, it minimizes any jarring of the knees and the joints of the legs.

Built-in Transport Wheels

Also embedded as part and parcel of this system is the set of built-in transport wheels. These wheels give the users the leeway to stash it in just about anywhere that may have some available space. You may hence find it suitable for those spaces that are cramped up.

Easy-to-steer Handles

Making your handling and controls all the more simple is a set of easy-to-steer handles. Other than being easy to steer, these handles also bear some excellent aesthetics. Additionally, they also manage a tighter grip while at the same time making the tackling of the intense workout sessions without the chance of bothering about the risks of blisters.

Exceptional Build and Design Quality

In closing, the build of the elliptical is both excellent and of higher quality. They both bear the commercial-grade quality and construction. This is the feature you will rely on if you are a fitness enthusiast who is intent on deriving maximum output from your workout sessions.

Making this largely possible is the fact that the machine is engineered with a flywheel that weighs 20 pounds. This weight contributes to the attainment of smoother and more consistent performances for durations that are long enough.

Thanks to its sturdy build quality, this piece of training equipment is indeed the best choice for those workouts that are pretty intense. Hardly does the machine wobble or fidget even in times of those rigorous workouts.

nordictrack elite 10.9 elliptical

To add to the above, the machine also confers the adjustable inclines within the comfortable range of 0-20 degrees for your choice and ultimate leverage. Moreover, you also have the added advantage of going for the power-adjustable strides in order that you attain the optimal performances.

By virtue of its EKG pulse grips work to add some comfort to you as it measures the rates of your heartbeats accurately.

With its 7-inch web-enabled console, you may also hold the tablets and the water bottles. That means you have the benefits of added functionality to leverage. This works alongside the iFit app and the AutoBreeze fan to confer to you the fringe benefits of maximum output. All these combine to make the elliptical the best as of 2020.

Technical Specifications

In summary, this NordicTrack confers solid construction and exceptional features. This does owe to its robust construction and the possession of many excellent features. As a matter of fact, this brand has consistently ranked as one of the best pieces of fitness equipment for years on end.

Let us now take a look at some of the outstanding features and technical specifications to empower you to determine whether it is indeed a suitable piece of an elliptical trainer for you or not.

  •       Drive system front front-drive
  •       Weighs 211 pounds
  •       20 inches maximum stride length
  •       350 pounds user weight capacity
  •       Power-adjustable incline ramp (0-20°)
  •       7-inch HD smart touchscreen console
  •       32 preloaded workouts
  •       Lifetime frame warranty
  •       3-year parts
  •       1-year labor

Disadvantages of the NordicTrack Elite 10.9

Some of the disadvantages of this piece of fitness equipment are:


This product is really not quiet. On the flip side, it does generate quite irritating noise output. Thankfully, this does not interfere adversely with your workouts. One sure way of minimizing the effects of the noise is to listen to some music in the meantime.

The gadget does have a music port and a set of speakers. These work to simplify your listening to music. Music has the added advantage of relaxing you while at the same time reducing the noise disturbances that originate from this appliance.


By reason of weighing over 200 pounds, this machine is quite challenging to move around. Adding to this heavyweight is the excessively large size of the item. You have to really set aside some spacious rooms to accommodate and store it.

NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical Warranty

A warranty does accompany this product. It serves the role of enhancing your confidence as a user of the gadget while at the same time bolstering the brand value of NordicTrack. Its warranty on the frame lasts a lifetime while that of the electronics lasts 3 years and further 1 year on labor.

For all practical purposes, these warranties make the machine truly reliable and preferable for the health of the users. Furthermore, the warranty feature makes it rank as one of the best front-drive ellipticals that guarantee both longevity and exceptional performances.

NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical PROs and CONs


This machine is precisely one of the very best pieces of fitness equipment as it is equipped with all the advanced features. That notwithstanding, the machine also comes at a price that is relatively affordable (below $1,000).

Its possession of the sound flywheel, a set of adjustable inclines, and the adjustable strides all combine to make it the most outstanding piece of equipment for the home-based fitness enthusiast.

Owing to its commercial-grade quality, the item makes for a perfect fit for all manner of fitness enthusiasts who are similarly cash-strapped. It delivers exceptional performance notwithstanding its cheaper cost of acquisition.

On the same note, the item also confers to you the HD smart touchscreen and a heavier flywheel. These two combine to make for exceptional performances and smoother operations. Its iFit coach also grants you a year free subscription.

The existence of a music system, its novel iFit app, and a set of transport wheels all add to its relevance to the task at hand. In total, they allow for high-end performances that grant you the user the ability to stay in perfect shape while at the same time reaping the practical benefits of the typical workout sessions.

It hence goes that your purchase of this wonderful piece of fitness equipment is a sure way of tapping into excellent reliability and cost-cutting without necessarily comprising the longevity, performance, build quality, and a host of relevant features.