Imagine eating your hand cream? Munching on you make up? Sampling your skin care? It might not be the first thing that comes to mind (or the last, even) when standing in the shower, but knowing you can gives you the peace of mind of what you actually are slathering on your body.

The world’s first certified organic skin care line was launched in 2001; Miessence Certified Organics include ingredients “so pure you can eat them”, while providing skin, hair and body care options for men, women, and baby to meet all your needs. (Read more about their Certification here)

Each batch is made in small amounts and fresh to order, ensuring that care was put into the development of the product and that  they are at their peak freshness and potency.

We’re also impressed by the extensive FAQ. If you have any questions about the ingredients, allergies, it’s covered, and their ingredients to avoid, too, offer insight to what really is in your skin care items (but not theirs!)

Miessence products are built upon certified organic aloe vera, the primary ingredient in the majority of the line.  Chemical and pesticides free, each leaf is cared for and harvested by hand, protected from contamination, and processed on special equipment that doesn’t break down its bio-active components.

We’ve had the opportunity to review some of their top items, but we have to admit, we didn’t taste them, too (although we’re sure they’d be delicious).picture 2 11 42 00 198x300 Miessence skin care for women, men and baby

Nourishing Hand Cream – 40g/1.14oz
Whether your hands are aching for replenishing moisture, or just need a quite revitalizing rub, the hand cream solved each issue with ease. A little goes a long way in this concentrated formula that renewed our hands back to their supple selves. The non-greasy formula absorbs quickly, allowing you to get back to what you are doing without waiting for it to dry. Naturally perfumed, the essential rose oil gives a flowery scent without overpowering – perfect for women, men and baby.

picture 11 185x300 Miessence skin care for women, men and babyMen’s Travel-Size Shave Essentials Pack
includes 30mL Shaving Gel, 15mL After-Shave Balm

The Shaving Gel is is light and lubricating, as opposed to delivering an over-foamed filled face, providing further control against nicks and cuts. The aloe vera smooths over sensitive skin, and the combination of essential oils and extracts protect against razor burn. Our testers found it easier to maneuver across their skin that commercial gels and foams, and the natural fragrance left a fresh feeling without an overindulgence on a cologne-like scent.

The After-Shave Balm includes the same trademark aloe vera, with a mixture of other ingredients that hydrate, soothe, tone, and refresh. The inclusion of chamomile relieves razor burn, and witch hazel tones and tightens skins for instant refreshment. The same clean, fresh scent gives a finishing touch without the (often) over-powering aroma of commercial after-shaves. We especially like that, despite the smaller travel-size, a few pumps of the bottle covers your whole face, allowing longevity to your carry-on container.

The line of products doesn’t end here; they definitely offer something for everyone. Skin, hair, and body is all taken care of, along with cosmetics, health care, household items and baby/mom products.

Miessence is one of those companies we could write pages about – distributor Erin Ely has a host of eco-attributes herself in her sustainable practices (read them here). We also want to highlight their effective shipping  with small, eco-efficient packaging.

We highly recommend Miessence products, and with so many options, we don’t doubt they all adhere to the same quality and standards (you can check out other reviews here). And don’t let the price tag fool you – despite the few extra dollars, these concentrated formulas last and a little goes a long way, due to their zero-additive and filler ingredient list.

Nourishing Hand Cream –$24.95
Men’s Travel-Size Shave Essentials Pack$17.45

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