I’ve recently stumbled upon FutureRouters, a website driven by designer home internet routers that do far more than keep our computers constantly connected.

World renowned, design-driven Goldsmiths, University of London and home broadband provider TalkTalk, have come together to explore what they call the “Routers of the Future”.

They combine and consider four factors: signal strength, home style, energy efficiency and, finally, pure enjoyment, and they’ve come up with four options, among them the:
energy saver router 300x225 Making the router of the future
Route O’Clock
With its 24 glowing segments, the display lets the user know how strong their current signal is.

Hybrid Router
This combines a traditional router with modern technology. Instead of having an electronic eye-sore, the Hybrid version combines a side table construction with a fully functioning router.

Jelly Fish
Inspired by – you guessed it – a jelly fish – the team at Goldsmiths developed it precisely for its attention grabbing design.

But we most love the Energy Saver, created to switch off automatically when not in use. “Always on when you need it”, the team created this in alignment with house-key hooks: its on when you are home, and off when you step out the door. It also includes a timer for long downloads.

They mention they want to explore the Energy Saver further, and we at ecoki don’t know why it hasn’t been already! Check out their designs at their website, futurerouters.com.

Image: Energy Saver router, from futurerouters.com