Green gadgets are becoming increasingly at our attention, but charging our new toys with conventional batteries isn’t keeping it eco-friendly.Fuji has introduced their new EnviroMAX, a new eco-conscious, high performance battery.fuji enviromax 199x300 Make your gadgets greener with Fuji EnviroMAX

Not only do they equal (and often exceed) the performance of equivalent conventional versions, there is nothing inside the battery itself that depletes our earth.

You won’t see any mercury or cadmium in these mini-powerhouses, along with other ozone-depleting compounds. Their packaging it free of PVC plastics; instead they utilize recycled paper and recyclable PET plastic.

They arrived in stores in April, and have recently earned the 2009 Seal of Approval from The National Parenting Center.

Fuji EnviroMAX™ batteries are available in Super Alkaline AA, AAA, C, and D (MSRP $3.99), and Digital Alkaline, AA and AAA (MSRP $5.99). Consumers can find them at ACO and ACE Hardware stores; select Sears, Target, Do It Best and Tru Value Hardware stores; Dick’s Sporting Goods, Big Y Stores (Massachusetts), Shop Rite and Kings Supermarkets (New Jersey), Shop’ n Save (St. Louis), Marsh Supermarkets (Indianapolis), and other chains. The batteries can also be ordered online at , and direct from the company at

For more information on Fuji EnviroMAX™ batteries, please visit their website at