Are you a guitar enthusiast who would wish to enjoy the least operational effort when engaging the guitars? Your best bet lies in the low action acoustic guitars. As its name implies, this one has the strings closer to the fretboard and hence minimizes the amount of pressure you need to grasp the chord.

What is guitar action?

A ‘guitar action’ is the amount of space that lies in between the top of the fret and the bottom of the strings. It determines to a greater extent the ease, or lack of it, with which each not may be fretted. At the same time, it also has a say on just how aggressive you may play the instrument prior to triggering the fret.

Do you need a low guitar action?

YES, you need acoustic guitars with low action. A too-high action makes you feel uncomfortable while playing. Also, the pitch of the guitar for a large part gets too high to the extent of imperiling the health of the ears when listened to. A lower action is also easier to manage and mitigate as well.

Disadvantages of low guitar action

Though the low guitar action has numerous advantages, it is definitely not without its share of downsides.

Easily Impacted by Humidity

This kind of guitar is easily impacted by humidity. That is given the easier destructibility of the parts that make it up by the ambient moisture contents in the atmosphere. You want to limit and restrict the places where you dedicate it for your use hence.

Requires constant Care and Maintenance

Compared to the many alternatives that be, this item demands constant care and maintenance. This is mainly due to the fragile parts and components that make it up. In light of this, you will also have to spend a lot to maintain its proper functioning.

Limited to Starters

Due to its simple and straightforward approach, the item is largely restricted to the starters. It is as such not the kind of gadget to set your eyes on if you want to pursue guitar playing as a full-time career. You will still have to transition or upgrade to the high action guitars.

What to look for when buying Acoustic Guitars with Low Actions?

To find the best acoustic guitars with low actions, you have to care for the following factors:

Styles and Sound

These items come in many styles and shapes. It is important that you check out the unique style that yours comes in to arrive at the best choice. Be sure that the style is consistent with your interior décor as well to avoid any form of clashing that may ensue.

Construction and Design

The construction and the design of the guitars also come in next. Your guitar has to be really strong and enduring of the many spates of damages that it may confront. For that to happen, it has to be really tough and incorporative of the stronger materials.


What exactly would you hope to achieve with the guitar you pick for the job? Is it merely for entertainment or could it be that you want to up your playing skills to the next level? Make your choice wisely in line with the specific need you have in mind.

Skill Level

Closely related to the above is your level of skill or expertise. You should choose a guitar whose level or degree of complexity is in tandem with your level of expertise. For that to happen, you may have to assess your mastery of the gadget and its operations.


When all is said and done, whether or not you shall purchase the item depends mainly on the budget for which it comes. You want an item that is cheaper and well affordable within your means. That may demand peeking into the offers of many dealers prior to placing an order.

Best Low Action Acoustic Guitars


Body Material

Scale Length



Washburn Woodbine WLO10SCE

Mahogany, Spruce

25.5 Inches

Washburn Harvest D7S

Mahogany, Spruce

25.5 Inches

Fender CD-60S

Mahogany, Spruce, Nato

25.3 Inches

Yamaha FS800

Mahogany, Spruce, Nato

25 Inches

Ibanez AE245JR

Mahogany, Rosewood

23.9 Inches

Martin DJR-10e

Spruce, Sapele

24 Inches

Taylor 114e

Spruce, Walnut

25.5 Inches

Taylor Academy 10E

Ebony, Sapele

24.9 Inches

Alvarez Artist Series AD60 Dreadnought

Sitka spruce, Mahogany

25.59 Inches

Ovation CE44P

Fiberglass, Nato, Koa Wood

25.25 Inches

We now take a look at the leading acoustic guitars with low action for the time being:

Washburn Woodbine WLO10SCE


In a nutshell, this machine is a blend of affordability, awesome musical output, and elegance in one comprehensive packaging. It is subsequently a great item to pick and dedicate for duty if you want to leverage all of the benefits in one go.

Its core is the mahogany wood makeup. Mahogany is super strong and heavily reliable insofar as the offering of appropriate support to the guitar is concerned. Being of the hardwood variety, the wood demands limited repairs owing to similarly limited incidences of breakdowns.


·      Exudes some natural sound outputs

·      Hardly affected by any harmonics or distortions

·      Comes at relatively affordable prices

·      Demands fewer repairs and maintenance

·      Quite stable and reliable to make use of


·      Relatively bulky and cumbersome to carry

·      Takes up lots of spaces

·      Cannot accept and pair with other extras

Washburn Harvest D7S


Are you short on cash but still want to enjoy the very best that these guitars have to provide? Place your bet on this specific guitar. The tones and the quality of the acoustics outcomes are simply amazing. Then again it comes at a cost that is somewhat affordable for and by you.

You may hence use it to stage your performances and other professional musical undertakings. One outstanding aspect of this gadget is that its worth and value improves with age. Is it not a great item to pick to boost your investments?


·      Friendly for the performances at the stage

·      Improves its tone and quality with age

·      Manufactured by a firm that is heavily reputable

·      Made of materials that are firm and solid

·      A Mahogany core gives it the strength it needs to serve you well


·      Lacks the ability to accommodate many extras

·      Cannot take you too long

·      Delivers less value for money

Fender CD-60S


Could it be that you are barely getting started out in the matters of guitar playing? Choose to work with this simple and straightforward machine. It is wholly meant and intended for the starters as most of its parts are truly easier to grasp and capture.

Further to this, the item may also fit neatly in just about any other kind of musical output. Because of this, you may make do with it for the musicals that demand many apparatus. These include the musical ensembles and other widespread performances.


·      Simpler enough for a beginner

·      Its sound output is somewhat smoother and softer

·      Fits many kinds of musical performances and instruments set

·      Possesses the Dreadnought body style

·      Its core comes in the solid Mahogany top


·      Unsuitable for the intermediates and experts

·      Its relevance lasts only a shorter duration of time

·      Delivers limited functionality and relevance

Yamaha FG800 and FS800


The Yamaha is a great model and brand that has served people since time immemorial with quality musical instruments. Is it not amazing for you to also tap into these benefits? Do so by choosing to prioritize this specific gadget for your musical productions.

It comes about with a solid top and has the ability to give out authentic sound output. The quality of the output is well balanced and hardly capable of imperiling the health of your ears. Need we add the robust strength and efficacy it comes about in?


·      Imbues some traditional looks

·      Simpler in scope and overall design

·      Boasts of the Yamaha’s standard acoustic model

·      Delivers well-balanced sound outputs

·      Exhibits some robust strength and efficacy


·      Its cost is somewhat above-average

·      Requires some expertise to handle and engage

·      Has to pair with other extras to work

Ibanez AE245JR


Have you mastered the basics of guitar playing and would simply wish to elevate the same to the higher levels? Pick a timeless and enduring item of this kind. The item is indeed great and relevant to the starters through to the performing artists alike.

Besides its bare minimum functionality, this musical instrument is also able to imbue some aesthetic values. This is brought about by the Mahogany top, back, and sides. In all, it also lasts fairly longer by virtue of not being predisposed to the risks of breakages and subsequent damages.


·      Retains its relevance for quite some time

·      Gives off some sparkling tones and acoustics

·      Maximizes the resonance and the operations

·      Lasts fairly longer owing to the Mahogany makeup

·      Its body is in the single-cutaway design


·      Does not comprise a carrying case

·      The brand is not really reputable

·      Quite exclusive in scope and applicability

Martin DJR-10e


Could it be that you are mainly preoccupied with the kinds of sound output you obtain? If that is all that you want, we can never recommend any better acoustic guitar than this one. For all practical purposes, this item is designed and intended for the players seeking the big Dreadnought sounds.

Its body is also somewhat thinner than those of the many alternatives that exist at the moment. Thanks to this thinner body, the item is certain to deliver to you the benefit of maximum comfort when playing. Due to its foldable aspect, it makes for easier transportation.


·      Easier to transport to remote locations

·      Its body is thinner and more convenient to handle

·      Confers maximum comfort in the course of handling

·      The softer edges are less likely to incise cuts

·      Sprays some beauty to your interiors thanks to the satin finish


·      A prolonged hearing may deafen the ears

·      Calls for too much space to store and mount

·      Purely manual and strenuous to tackle

Taylor 114e


Just in case you are a career guitarist, the one you pick for the job no doubt has to be strong and enduring. Your best bet lies in this one. All its parts and components are seriously hard and enduring. They also stretch for an elongated duration of time.

In addition to these, the guitar also accepts and works alongside many competing and like-minded accessories alike. You hence will never really have to dump and acquire newer instruments every now and then as is the norm with those who choose other alternatives.


·      Excellent body type guarantees maximum use

·      The finish is truly elegant and exceptional

·      Comes about in a standard profile shape

·      Its length is somewhat comfortable and reliable

·      Consistent use brings out your best experiences


·      Comes at a prohibitive cost of acquisition

·      Requires extreme care and maintenance regimes

·      May be strenuous to pair with other gadgets

Taylor Academy 10E


Completely green in the matters of guitar playing? You have no better bet than this one! It is purely designed and made for the entry-level players of the guitars. That is mainly due to the smaller and the simplest structural makeups that it comes about in.

All the critical parts and components are also easier to engage thanks to the relatively simpler natures thereof. This notwithstanding, the item is still reliable and lasts the longest. They hardly collapse even when they are subjected to the most intense impacts and forces in the while of use.


·      Good enough for the entry-level guitarist

·      Quite tough and overly reliable

·      Does not fidget excessively when played and handled

·      The manufacturer is truly reliable

·      A black and elegant finish pattern adorns its exterior


·      A bit delicate and short-lasting

·      May not deliver longevity of service

·      Has to be repaired and maintained every quite often

Alvarez Artist Series AD60 Dreadnought


Love and cherish nature? Your best bet should also lie in the guitars that are wholly derived from nature? Why not choose to make do with this one for a start? All of its critical components are made of eco-friendly materials like abalone and pearl.

Then again the item comes about in a vast array of colors, shapes, and wood options for you to pick from. Thus, you may also consider picking and dedicating this item to the matters of beautifying your interiors and other areas within your household that demand added beauty.


·      Its top features a tough solid nature

·      Sanded for maximum smoothness and proper handling

·      A scallop bracing adorns the exterior makeup

·      The sides and the back are made of Mahogany

·      Adorned with the pearl inlays


·      Lacks the tough structural strength

·      Likely to fall apart a bit too soon

·      May require constant mending and repairs

Ovation CE44P


If you mainly want to add some beauty and overall elegance to your interiors and other spaces within your household, you may have to utilize this acoustic guitar for yourself. Its exterior appearance comes about in a truly beautiful natural gloss finish.

This complements the new scalloped “X” bracing design. The design also features of yesteryears that have been noted to deliver exceptional outcomes on the whole. Allow us to add the mighty elegance with which the item comes about.


·      Its design is great and comfortable

·      Discharges natural tones and optimal responses

·      Gives off some exceptional elegance to the eyes

·      Provides clear highs and balanced bass responses

·      Has a tougher body that lasts longer


·      Limited core functionality

·      Easily sustains scratches and dents

·      Quite cumbersome to transport around

Making the right choice

To make the right choice, you have to consult with those who have already made use of these items. They are well able to provide you objective assessments and evaluations of these items. That way, you will also be better placed to arrive at the most suitable and fulfilling purchase. Go for it!

man playing low action acoustic guitars


Your choice of the best acoustic guitars with low action should now not be too much of a hassle. Simply skim the list above and read in between the lines to find the right one. It pays to start out early as the benefits are too huge for you to forfeit and subsequently make do with.