Most technology is becoming more eco-friendly, so a new design that takes this to the next level caught our interest: the oxygenated notebook.

Yanko Design and designers Seunggi Baek and Hyerim Kim created a PC which really captured plant book 300x215 Idea: eco friendly Plantbook that emits O2our earth-loving attention. (After all, we really love eco-friendly technology).

Unlike standard computers which need to be charged from an adapter and plugging into the wall, this one absorbs energy by being soaked in water. That’s right, just a slosh of water gets your computer back into charging mode.

It’s developed similarly to a regular PC once it is open, but basically has a cylindrical contruction fitted into a pair of rollout screens. One of these screens is meant for the keyboard, while the other screen stretches out into the monitor.

The PC charges then runs by soaking up water then using it to generate electrolysis. This occurs with the help of power that is stored in a solar heat plate installed on the top of the PC. Basically, the laptop runs on hydrogen, and, as a result, discharges oxygen in the process of charging up.

Other features include a leaf-shaped strap that is attached to one end of the Plantbook, which is made out of earth-friendly silicone. This does double duty as a hand ring, as well as a green LED, which indicates its battery life.

We think this is pretty cool, and although it isn’t available right now, we wouldn’t be surprised if it is coming available in the next couple years.

See the full design with many concept photos at Yanko Design.