Admit it. It’s so much nicer when your favourite gear is handmade. Attention to detail is that much better, stitches are that much tighter; care put into it is that much more.

(Updated Note: This company is no longer making these products to our knowledge).

And when you are buying something you use every day, you want to make sure it lives up to 2hu-madethese standards. That’s why when we discovered hu.made, we knew we found a winner.

hu.made creates handmade, eco-friendly bags and accessories, each prepared by a “real, live human being rather than a machine.” All of their gear is sweatshop-free, made within the US, individually manufactured.

The company was founded last year by Christy Schwathe, a freestyle designer, seamstress and pretty creative woman. Everything she creates is an original – fresh out of her mind, pattern-free – and they truly show.

All materials are vintage, re-used or sustainable, supporting eco-friendly initiatives both small scale and large scale, rebelling against mass-produced swag and focusing on one-of-a kind creations.

Her collection includes bags, clutches, cuffs, cloche hats, and wallets, each with distinct – yet simple – features that sets it apart. All are fully lined and fully interfaced, with extra additions that make them their own, from vintage button closures to inner pockets, to adjustable straps.

We have had the opportunity to review one of her wallets, and we love it just as much as we love her eco-driven initiatives!

The Wallet is a convenient bi-fold style, created in a convenient design perfect for a purse or back pocket. Slim and sealable, its secure with plenty of room for your most important cards, cash and contacts.

Our version of The Wallet is created with reclaimed corduroy with a Velcro closure and a handy d-ring for your keys. Opening it up, these is a clear vinyl slot suited for your ID, a pocket for your cash, and two card slots (both of which can be stuffed with plenty of cards).

The inside shares a similar corduroy atop fully-lined innards; the lining a cottage-inspired deer print. Somehow, it combines whimsical with cozy, all rolled into convenience and cleverness. Regardless, we love it.

All hu.made items are bar-tacked and fully interfaced for extra structure and strength, so even if you’re stuffing your debit and credit cards, store point cards, cash, random love notes, to-do lists, and coupons, the Velcro-closure and durable design won’t fail you.

We always love to point out when companies and creators take the extra-step towards planet-friendly practices, and hu.made is no different. Shipped in a small envelope with no extra packaging, nary of wrapping, with just a small ID card tucked into the wallet, we were pleased with the initiative towards keeping it green.

According to the website, “When you purchase a hu.made item, you are not only getting a great product for yourself, but you are investing in a human being’s life and livelihood and investing in a future vision of a humane and responsible world, a world not dominated by faceless corporations.”

Well, if that doesn’t convince you, then this will: Schwathe says the layout of the wallet it suited for a left-hander. So we tested it out with some left-handers. The verdict? They love it. And so do we.

Neighbour; The Wallet

  • made of recycled materials
  • beige corduroy with fabric lining
  • approximate dimensions: 4.5″W x 3.5″T x 0.5″D
  • $65.00