With so many niche markets cropping up in the eco-friendly fashion industry, sometimes we want a company that will give us our goods for our everyday wear.

HTNaturals delivers just that, with its eco-friendly line that’s created “for the people”.

Their must-have wardrobe basics are designed from organic textiles, utilizing a variety of natural and recycled fibres. With certified and organic fabrics, they ensure that they are grown pesticide and herbicide free, and are Skal certified. These types of products also reduce or eliminate use of carbon, energy and pollution, use less water, and are often renewable.

Among these are our favourite materials, and its not hard to understand why. Bamboo is a soft and luxurious fabric, fast-growing and renewable, resistant to disease, and has a breathability that paramounts any other alternatives. Soy, which they dub as a “vegetable cashmere” is soft, easy to care for, and because it absorbs dye with ease, it can easily use less – thereby reducing the amount used to produce it.

Organic cotton, one of the most popular of eco-friendly alternatives, is one we’ve discussed before; the conventional version is one of the most pesticide-ridden crops worldwide, but the organic alternative stays chemical-free. Hemp, a favourite among our foodstuffs, too, requires no pesticides or chemicals, renews readily, and has a strength and durability that surpasses the rest. They also utilize recycled polyester (also known as polyethylene terephthalate or PET), the same that is used in pop bottles. Their strength adds stability for the aforementioned fibres.

But it isn’t just the fabrics that HTNaturals ensures are a better alternative; they also use non-azo dyes, the least toxic dyes available, nickel-free zippers, and recycled polyester tape.  And then it goes further with their bags, hangtags, catalogs and other printed material all made from recycled materials. Oh, and they use wind-powered computers, and a carbon-neutral company car.

At this point, its quite possible that it couldn’t get better. HTNaturals surely is the epitome of “green” companies, practicing each step that they preach. But then it indeed does get better, when we actually see what they develop.

We’ve had the chance to review their clothing – and we love them just as much as we love the company.


Women’s Foldover skirt

Perfect for everyday wear with a little flair, this mid-length skirt drops to just above the knees in a comfortable combination of organic cotton, soy and spandex. The small amount of spandex delivers just enough stretch for added comfort, whether you’re lounging on the couch, doing a Hatha yoga class, or running to the grocery store.

We especially love the foldover waistband, a flattering design for any body with extra comfort for days that you need it. The 3-inch slits on each side give a feminine touch – and can easily be dressed up with stilettos and a cute top.

Women’s V-Neck Tee


Silky smooth bamboo plays first fiddle in this v-neck top with extra touches that set it apart. The gathered neckline draws attention to a simple, but pretty, detail, complimented by a thick trim that complements your features, without showing too much. The classic fit drapes your body to fit your curves and enhance your figure.

The combination of bamboo with organic cotton and spandex is not only comfortable, but gives a bit of a stretch that gracefully falls in all the right places, sewn for a perfect fit.

The cap sleeves give a feminine finish, and the bright, rich colour possibilities deliver the best choice to fit your mood.

After perusing their clothing, take a look around their other info on their website which features more green ideas, with cool contests, a customer of the month, and ways to become a sustainable company or home like they are striving to be. (read more)

We’re excited to feature HTNaturals, as well as their parent company, Naturally Advanced Technologies, which is striving towards issues revolving around hemp and other fibres and its transformation into soft cloth. Check out the details here.

Going green is one thing. Making the effort to revamp your wardrobe is another. But harnessing a completely green company – one that has 100% planet-friendly practices – is another. And for that, HTNaturals is not only one of the best options, but also delivers high-quality, comfort, and fashionable essentials to take a step into sustainable style.

Foldover Skirt

  • 57% Organic Cotton, 37% Soy, 6% Spandex
  • Available in espresso, black, or print
  • Sizes Extra Small through Extra Large
  • $45

V-Neck Tee

  • 67% Bamboo, 28% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex
  • Available in black, lemon, chili, lagoon
  • Sizes: Small through Extra Large
  • $42

Check them out at HTNaturals.com.