We’re constantly touted with new products, recommendations, and tips about the best ways to lose some weight. However, let’s be honest: the best way to lose weight is the most natural way possible.

Here are our top tips to losing weight and keeping it off with just a few changes to your daily routine. How to lose weight    naturally!

Protein with breakfast

A balanced breakfast can often neglect a good source of protein. The more protein that you eat early on in the day, the less you tend to nosh on as the day goes on. If you’re already in love with a whole grain cereal (and not the sugary kind!) just add some yogurt, spoon in some hemp seeds, or snack on a hard-boiled egg.

Correct your coffee

Yeah, full fat creamers and half-and-half might taste good, but can easily add an additional 100+ calories to your coffee. Instead, opt for 2% milk, then slowly wean yourself down. And if you like the sugar? Don’t replace it with artificial sweeteners. Instead, go for a natural route, such as with honey, maple syrup, or agave nectar, and slowly pare down the amount.

Set your snacks up right

Before you hit the day, portion out snacks into bags or containers, so you can take them on the go and not worry about mindlessly adding an extra cookie or handful of chips. Even better, opt for calorie dense options instead, like a fruit with a scoop of almond butter, a handful of all-natural trailmix, or a smoothie in a Thermos.

Read – and read often.

Stay up to date on the latest health news, but remember to take everything you read with an analytical eye. Some health claims that are too good to be true? They probably are. But a lot of the latest medical research can help shed light on new foods to try, new exercises to do, and what you might be at risk for. Plenty of websites, both medical based, such as PubMed.com, and ones that provide you with daily tips, like howtoloseweightfast.com

Change up your soda

Soda pop is a sugar-laden beverage, but diet pop isn’t any better for you. If you’re craving something similar, opt for a club soda with a dash of 100% fruit juice, or a few citrus slices. My favourite combination? One hundred percent apricot nectar with club soda, and a splash of sour cherry juice. Fantastic.

Add in some exercise

If you’re watching TV, consider getting moving during the commercials. Stand up, hit some jumping jacks, do some core work, or even some stretching and yoga is better than lounging in front of the television. Alternatively, pass time on the treadmill while watching your favourite show, or download podcasts and books on tape for long walks or runs outside.