Hearing this on the news yesterday intrigued me – a Toronto architect has proposed to the city that the Gardiner Expressway should have a green roof.

This “green roof” is actually a seven kilometre tree-lined park for pedestrians and cyclists to use gardiner expressway 300x222 Greening the Gardiner Expresswaywhile vehicles continue their commute eight metres underneath.

Les Klein, of Quadrangle Architects, doesn’t believe they should tear down the expressway, but instead develop and “organic” alternative. “[The Gardiner Expressway] is an incredible symbol of change, economic growth, and progress,” Klein told the Toronto Sun. “If you tear it down, it is gone, not to mention the kind of incredible traffic crises it’s going to create.”

Crises, indeed, but Kevin Bechard, director of Environmental Assessments, simply called the idea “interesting”. Their goals, he adds, are among revitalizing and reconnecting the city with its surroundings, all while being sustainable. It seems like Klein’s “Green Ribbon” won’t be making the cut.

Check out the full story here . What are your thoughts?

Image courtesy of torontosun.com