Let’s be honest with you. Right away, we have a proposal for you. And we promise it’s easy. Adopt this mantra into your minds: “The cleaner we eat, the clearer we think, and the better we can embrace good health and nutrition.” (Terry Walters, Clean Food).This is the premise behind the book Clean Food: A Seasonal Guide to Eating Close to the Source with More Than 200 Recipes for a Healthy and Sustainable You. Author Terry Walters combines eating healthfully with Mother Nature.

Mealtime is anything but bleak with over 200 recipes that take advantage of seasonal, local produce. Each recipe features a rainbow of colours, all rich in nutrients, minerals and – most of all – taste.


The book is based upon simplicity of ingredients, drawing out natural flavours from nature’s bounty. More than just a cookbook, Walters delivers you the essential guide to eating well, bringing you closer to the source with points on nutrition and health.

Walters briefs us on her approach to nutrition, and it’s quite simple: plant-based, whole foods is the route to take. She then dives into the details, teaching readers how to get started, eat healthfully, and approach a clean-eating lifestyle.

The next part of the book is the Basics, an extensive section on tools, cooking methods and every ingredient you can think of. From teaching us how to cool legumes, to recommended nuts and seeds, she leaves no room for confusion or questions in adopting this lifestyle.

She also includes information on Oxalic and Phytic Acids, as well as Organic and Conventional choices, to provide readers with every avenue for optimal nutrition.

But the recipes are surely the highlight of the book, with over 230 recipes from organized by season. Starting with Spring, favourites such as asparagus and fennel appear among the many mouth-watering recipes. Some include simple recipes we know and love – like the Traditional Hummus – while others highlight unique combinations, such as the Inca Red Quinoa with Currants.

Summer falls upon us with variations on classic guacamole to pasta salads. Ending summer BBQs will be a breeze, too, with the Peach, Fresh Fig and Bourbon Crisp with Pecan Topping… A definite crowd-pleaser.

Next is Fall, when homey comfort food begins to take over. Warming soups deliver the classic apple/squash combination, as well as worldly shiitakes and chickpeas. riParsnips, squash, potatoes and pears sprinkle the recipes with their seasonal splendor. While vegans will appreciate variations on classic crips and pies, any foodie will devour desserts like the Green Tea Poached Pears with Pomegranate Glaze and Pistachios.

Winter doesn’t disappoint, featuring food fit for the chillier months and holiday entertaining. Olive Tapenade makes the list, along with savory stews, chilis and new favourites, such as the Lentil Apple Walnut Loaf.

Is your mouth watering? It should be.

Each recipe is laid out in an easy to follow spread, with a short anecdote featuring a tip, variation or memory.

We love the combination of good health with good food, and that’s exactly what Walters delivers. Vegans and non-vegans alike will relish in the plethora of palate-pleasing recipes, each dedicated to season, whole foods.

Read more about the author at terryskitchen.net.

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