Showing mom you love her might be as easy as a warm hug or, if you’re keen on it, making mom a nice meal, but when a gift is in order, eco-friendly is the way to go.

Here are five of our favourite earth-inspired, sustainable gift ideas to give to mom this Mother’s Day.


Homemade Lotion Bars

Preparing homemade lotion bars is a thoughtful and heart-warming gift as it shows you’ve put time, effort and creativity into it. Lotion bars have no plastic packaging, which makes them environmentally friendly. You can use fully natural ingredients to make them and add essential oils based on your taste. An added benefit is that they’re solid, which makes them convenient for air travel.

Epicurean Eco-Friendly Kitchen Essentials

Epicurean® offers an array of eco-friendly kitchen items. The Eco Paper Cutting Boards are made with 100% Forest Stewardship Council certified recycled paper, are dishwasher-safe and durable, and available in a variety of sizes. The Eco-Plastic Cutting Boards are inspired by their sister company, Loll Designs. They are also dishwasher-safe and are made from post-consumer recycled plastic milk jugs.

Root Candles

Root Candles’ most popular candle, Seeking Balance, is the perfect choice for mom this year. This line of candles combines the science of aromatherapy and color therapy, made with natural waxes and fragrances only with essential oils. The wick is sustainably made with wood. Our favorite scent is Basil and Lime, which combines zesty lime, orange and grapefruit flourish with cool green basil, cilantro and thyme, along with a base with fresh tones of fir, musk and rosewood.

Honeybee Gardens

This all natural brand of cosmetics follows its mission to “create pure, all-natural bath and body care products made from only the finest organic ingredients, offer them at a reasonable price, and treat every customer like a friend”… and then some! Their line of cosmetics, lip and hair care, tools, and mens items are high quality and great for our earth. For mom, consider some nail essentials, including their WaterColors Nail Enamel. This line is water-based and combines off with regular alcohol or their own nail polish remover. It’s also odorless, nontoxic, and contains no colors, dyes, formaldehyde, or other similar ingredients.

Pacifica Perfumes

Pacifica Perfumes are formulated without animal testing, animal ingredients, FD&C color, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol, benzene, GMOs, mineral oil, petroleum, peanut oil, triclosan, and other ingredients you do not want on your skin. With the earth and the oceans in mind, they’ve made a commitment to the environment that they stand by. Mom will love their Gold Collection Seasonal Scents perfume, a line of solid perfumes that are manufactured with only one hundred percent natural soy and coconut wax, combined with their fragrance blends of natural and essential oils. The fragrances in this box include California Star Jasmine, Sandalwood, Tuscan Blood Orange, Mediterranean Fig, Mexican Cocoa, Tahitian Gardenia, Tibetan Mountain Temple, and Waikiki Pikake.