With approximately 380 plastic bags used in the United States each year, its an undeniable fact that using reusable shopping bags would decrease the amount of waste we consume.

But when you’re looking for something fashionable and attractive, too, your search for a bag that exudes your style might become a little more difficult.

Envirosax® makes it easy, by providing eco-friendly followers through brightly coloured, reusable bags. Devoted to helping create a better future, their alternative to disposable shopping bags offer the perfect solution.

Founded by Belinder and Mark  David-Tooze in 2004, this Australian company truly practices what they preach. Living amid a rainforest, the family (with three children) use solar hot water, photovoltaic cells, and recycle their waste water (in addition to the 5,000+ trees on the premises).envirosax1

The company supports various initiatives, including a percentage of its sales to various charities and organizations. These include The Surfrider Foundation, dedicated to ocean protection, the Australian Marine Conservation Society, devoting their time to marine environment preservation, and The Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand, the largest national conservation organization in the country, working to preserve and protect native plants and animals of New Zealand.

What makes Envirosax so great?
These lightweight bags are perfectly portable and can go anywhere with you. Weighing just 1.4 ounces, you can easily toss it in your purse, put it in your pocket, and keep it in your glove compartment. Afterall, it folds up into a conveniently small square, about the size of your palm.

They’re also perfect for those traveling by foot or bike, because they don’t add any extra girth to the load that you might be carrying.

The seams are durable, and doubly reinforced; according to Envirosax, they can hold the equivalent of two grocery store plastic bags. The original version is developed from polyester, also making it waterproof. (Which works whether your grocery finds have sprung a leak, or your protecting your good from the rain).

We’ve had the opportunity to review the Candy Bag, one of Envirosax’s newest Candy Series. With a retro-inspired look, these double-sided bags highlight vivid patterns in analogous shades of blues and purples, complemented with neutrals and bold black. Inspired by Italian designer Emilio Pucci, they add a little flair to your every day needs.  We can’t lie when we say we feel a little cooler with it when carrying our produce and grocery staples.

Envirosax also features an Organic line, manufactured from natural fibres including  bamboo, linen and  hemp. Their Envirosax Kids feature children-inspired images, with cartoon-like animals in bright colours (we mentioned them in our article Four ways to an eco-Easter basket for an alternative to the Easter baskets we often fill with goodies for our kids).

The Envirosax Greengrocer™  are a range of solid-coloured bags, perfect to replace your every day grocery bags, with extra reinforcement if they get a little heavy. With colours such as Aubergine to Champignon, their food-inspired monikers make your grocery shopping a little more fun.

We also want to note their shipping methods, void of extra packaging in a small, convenient envelope! Kudos to you, Envirosax, for your lack of excess. We love it – and your bags, too.

Candy Bag

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