Whether you’re a designer, manufacturer, supplier or just have an interest in sustainable design, having a sourcebook scouting out eco-friendly products would be a great addition to the book shelf. And luckily, there is one. ecoDesign: The Sourcebook is now in its fully revised third edition – and a must for the search for sustainable style.

Seven years ago the first edition was launched, diving into the world of eco-friendly ideas for manufacturers, designers and those who were transitioning into sustainable design. It was a time when hybrids, biodegradable cleaners and tree-friendly flooring were nearly unknown.

Fast forward to 2009 and the revised edition. Sustainable production and consumption are married with contemporary design in this must-have guide to everyhing eco-friendly. The combination of increasing our well-being while reducing the impact on the planet are the two main concerns, all within a sourcebook showcasing hundreds of earth-friendly items.

ecoDesign is divided into three sections: Objects for Living, Objects for Working and Materials. Each of those, too, have a myriad of subcategories, covering everything from Lighting to Water Purification to Polymers.

Each design within the book is accompanied by a table and a description. The tables deliver the name and nationality of hte designer or manufacturer, the name and country of the manufacturer, the main materials, its eco-design strategies, and if it has won any awards.

Take the Your Stool 2, for example, an adaptable and multifunctional piece of furniture. This plywood creation can easily be assembled and re-assembled to what you need it as – be it a rocking horse or rocking chair. (see more at their website redesigndesign.org)

Or what about the Fab Tree Hab? A conceptual design/living strcuture that is supported by a reusable scaffold prefabricated using Computer Numeric Controlled Machines. The crew from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Human Ecology Design Team have developed dwellings that are an integral part of the ecological community. (read more from archinode.com).

The last section of the book is filled with Resources, covering everything from designers to strategies to an in-depth list of further reading.

Regardless if you’re seeking out inspiration for your next reno-project, or doing your best to stay planet-friendly in your business, ecoDesign is the perfect solution to all your sustainable, stylish eco-savvy needs.

Get it here: ecoDesign: The Sourcebook