Saving the environment and spreading the eco-word on the web is becoming increasingly common. And with the new .eco domain, competitors are battling for their registration rights.Common suffixes like .com, .ca, .org and .edu are what we see most often, but coming in February 2010, the non-profit company Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will begin the review process for thousands of new domains; among eco large 300x300 .eco domain coming soonthem, .eco.

Not only will the winner benefit from the millions of registrations for the .eco domain, but they also will have the privileged of donating a portion of its profits towards eco-causes.

The two companies have a lot in common, most notably with the folks behind them. Dot Eco is supported by the Sierra Club and Al Gore, while Big Room is endorsed by Green Cross International and Terrachoice Environmental Marketing. They also started, a website devoted to interpreting and analyzing eco labels used worldwide.

Both companies also will be, as mentioned, supporting environmental causes, but also will be ensuring that all registered domains are promoting a sustainable word.

As the two companies compete for the reign of the domain, we’ll keep you posted at ecoki – and tell us your thoughts – what do you think about this new domain suffix?