Often when we think of eco-friendly items, we envision neutrals: an abundance of greens, browns and beiges; and although they can be beautiful, they can also be a little blah.

We yearn for that extra oomph, that pop of colour that turns heads.

Being an eco-friendly fashionista shouldn’t be difficult, combining living sustainably, bb-begoniagiving back to the environment, and looking chic, too.

That’s why Winnipeg-based b.b.begonia has developed a line of reusable shopping bags, driven towards the chic lifestyle while simultaneously reducing our eco-impact. Function meets fashion with their exclusive prints and colours that are designed to be anything but drab.

Their designers include an eclectic group from across Europe and North America, developing a shopping bag that stands above the rest.

We’ve had the opportunity to review b.b.begonia bags, and we love the nature-inspired functionality of their fashionable line of goods.

Each bag is designed with lightweight polyester, re-enforced for extra durability. With an impressive size of 50cm x 42cm / 19.5in x 16.5in, they can hold about 45lbs in weight – perfect for the trip to the market, grocery store or library. The double-layer handles give enough length to hook around your hand, elbow or shoulder, perfect when you need that extra strength lugging home some fresh local produce.

We also love the convenience and portability of each one. All bags roll up to about the size of a smartphone, sealed with a snap to ensure unraveling won’t occur. And at just 1.4oz each, they perfect to bring along on walks or runs, adding no extra bulk or weight over longer distances.

But this convenience only comes as a close second to the gorgeous prints, with over thirty different designs for everyone to love. Among them are different themes, include Fun in the Sun, featuring bright, whimsical designs on vibrant, bold colours. Garden Bloom brings floral into the mix, while Kamakura Zen delivers nature at its best.

Ours includes one from the collection of Kamakura Zen, a botanical-based blend of greys, blacks and a pop of lime green. The detail and colour scheme perfectly complement a fashion-forward shopper, with a bold statement combined with relaxing movement.

We also love the purple-hued bag from Garden Bloom, combining a lighter lavender with bold purples and lemon yellows, mixing together femininity and fun – along with a sprinkling of snowflakes.

Each bag can be bought in a collection of five or singularly – leaving you the choice and mix-and-match possibilities of your favourite prints.

More stores are opting out of bags, while cities are not far behind. Oil-based plastic bags are littering our planet, and choosing to reuse is the way of the conscientious consumer.

We love when companies take the extra step towards eco-friendliness, and b.b.begonia is just the same. They practice and promote what they preach by partnering with 1% For the Planet, an alliance of businesses committed to using marketing forces for environmental change. Because of this b.b.begonia donates 1% of all sales to organizations that work towards helping our natural environment. They also have exemplary shipping and use FSC-certified paper.

We definitely love their durable, eco-chic reusable bags, perfect to accompany us anywhere. From it’s sleek design, compact convenience, and gorgeous prints, b.b.begonia reusable bags vibrantly combine fashion and function, helping us each reduce waste and look good, too.

Available in singles or packs of five. See more from their website, b.b.begonia.

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