Hosting parties are loads of fun, gathering friends and family together for a night of dinner and drinks, celebrations, or casual game nights. Unfortunately, plant-based cuisine isn’t always the menu of choice when choosing what to serve for your guests to enjoy.

That is, it might have not been the choice until vegan author Colleen Patrick-Goudreau had anything to do with it.the-vegan-table

Colleen began her affair with veganism at the age of 19, after reading John Robbins’ Diet for a New America. Turning away from her typical meat/dairy/egg diet, she founded Compassionate Cooks, soon becoming a voice for the animals who are never heard.

With a master’s degree in English Literature under her belt, Colleen continued to raise awareness on animal issues. This soon resulted in gigs on the Food Network, writing for VegNews Magazine, and contributing to National Public Radio. She also penned her first book, The Joy of Vegan Baking, which won VegNews Magazine’s “Cookbook of the Year.” (And just so you know, it’s amazing).

Now she’s launched her new cookbook, The Vegan Table: 200 Unforgettable Recipes for Entertaining Every Guest at Every Occasion, a celebration of recipes and menus for absolutely every occasion you can think of. From a romantic dinner for two to a holiday buffet, Colleen has it covered in a vibrant, mouth-watering collection.

The book is packed with tips and advice from her years of experience, all nestled among the delicious recipes and full-colour photographs. Whether you’re cooking for one or entertaining a crown, it’s a full-fledged guide for those who love simple and sensational recipes.

The book is helpfully organized by themed menus, including world cuisines with suggestions on combinations. Each chapter is separated into seasons, letting you take full advantage of local ingredients and fresh flavors.

Chapter one begins with Romantic Dinners for Two, offering soups to mains to desserts – and everything in between. Entice your senses with Braised Figs with Arugula, and finish it off with Love Potions, drinks designed to delight. As you move your way through each chapter, you’ll notice the eclectic mix of cuisine, highlighting world cultures and exotic dishes.

Chapters two and three deliver dishes for casual and formal entertaining, while chapter four outlines the perfect menus for any celebration. Holidays are highlighted next, with classics like Potato Latkes and Matzoh Ball Soup to creative crowd pleasures, like Butternut Squash Timbales and Savory Tofu Spread.

But the clincher is her chapter on the real parties – the buffets, appetizers and finger foods for a crowd. From Sweet Potato Pie to Grilled Corn on the cob, Colleen delights us with pizzas, desserts, chilis and all your party favourites.

In addition to all of the delicious recipes, the book is scattered with tips, ideas, techniques and facts. In the Zucchini Cakes, for example, she tells us in a Compassionate Cooks Tip how to grate the zucchini with ease. She also tells us in a Food Lore sidebar the history behind Old Bay Seasoning, which is used in the recipe. Other clever anecdotes include Foods for Romance (Aphrodisiacs), Bladders in my Booze?, and Survival Tips for Friends and Family of Vegans.

Having already loved Colleen’s The Joy of Vegan Baking, we’re thrilled with her second installment, The Vegan Table. Truly dedicated to making entertaining done with a flourish, her sophisticated and delicious recipes will appeal to all vegans and non-vegans alike.