Looking for the ultimate in luxury, combined with the right amount of eco-friendliness? Look no further than GUNAS, a completely conscious company with just the right amount of edge.

Inspired by a love for modernity and sleek sophistication, GUNAS is owned by designer Sugandh. With a goal to use her knowledge as an industrial designer to create a line of totes that consciously fused luxury aesthetics with jujly 2 300x200 Earth friendly vegan fashion luxury: GUNASeco-friendly philosophies, she met and exceeded this potential since her launch in 2009.

Hey collection contains beautifully crafted  mens and womens vegan-approved wallets, clutches, messengers, totes and duffels with custom hardware, seductive structure, and lightweight construction. This progressive luxury lifestyle brand is bold and edgy, making a statement for those who want to differentiate themselves in a crowd. These bags are individually handcrafted in socially responsible factories around the globe.

She made her debut in 2010 during New York Fashion Week, garnering a tremendous response from the Fashion experts for her distinct look and uniqueness.
Here at Ecoki, we do love the fashion aspect of her goods… but what really gets us is the level compassion and creativity that goes along with it. GUNAS has a strong belief in “conscious-consumption and exclusivity”, which is why  most of the bags are produced as Limited Editions only (read: just that much cooler).
With entirely new collections each season, along with customizable options, they offer the perfect combination of style and sustainability.
Check out these stats:Bag 3 Earth friendly vegan fashion luxury: GUNAS

– GREENGUARD® Certified
– LEED Certified
– Oeko Tex Standard Certified
– Cradle to Cradle Certified
AZO Free Certified
REACH Compliant
Made in Green® Label
– Contain Recycled content

 Interestingly, their website points out what should be the obvious. In a study conducted by the Center for Environmental Health in 2009, generic faux leather handbags found at many well known retailers (Macy’s, Target, Walmart, JC Penny, and the like), violated California law due to the high level of lead and other hazardous chemical content in them. Most of this content was found in their inks, dyes and hardware. Instead, GUNAS uses completely lead and nickel free hardware, along with fabrics that are safer and better quality. Committed to providing  customers with an animal / environment friendly product, they are constantly researching new materials and processes that help them meet this objective.
Their company believes in making a difference by creating, fostering and supporting opportunities that invest in its future both environmentally and socially, and a royalty share of each purchase being donated to their protection.GUNAS® is supports the Earth Matters Foundation’s (www.earthmattersfoundation.org) ongoing effort to revive the Tiger population worldwide. They also donate funds to organizations such as the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and the New York Coalition for Healthy School Foods. In the past year we have gifted and donated product worth nearly $5000.
Check out their full collection at their website, www.gunasthebrand.com. Prices range from $99-$700.