Interested in ditching your gas guzzling vehicle? Eco-savvy individuals can harness the newest in urban technology, with the unveiling of a new hydrogen-powered car. The open-source design is posted for free on the internet, to allow entrepreneurs to riversimple 300x198 DIY open source hydrogen cardownload the design and build a new ride without paying a penny for the design.

The Riversimple Urban Car is capable of moving along at 50 miles per hour and has a 240 mile range. The developers claim its greenhouse gas emissions are that of a third less than hybrids like the popular Toyota Prius.

So why the open-source? The company hopes that entrepreneurs will harness the idea and adapt it to their local conditions (it’s currently hailing from the UK).

As reported in The Guardian,
Hugo Spowers, the founder of Riversimple, said:
“We want competitors, even if they’re in the UK. We believe that open source is commercially the best thing for us to do, as it will help grow the market for hydrogen technology, from parts to repairs and the refueling infrastructure.”

Spreading the eco-word – we love it. Check out the details of the new vehicle at their website and at their wikipedia site.

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