We already know about the sustainability – and ever-growing popularity – of bamboo fabric, but if you haven’t got on board yet, now is the time.

Imagine wrapping yourself in a silky, smooth, casual dress, akin to the feel of your green-alex-smallfavourite pajamas, but stylish, eco-inspired, and incredibly comfortable?

That’s exactly how it is with clothes from Dear Lil’ Devas, a clothing company based out of Toronto, Ontario.

It didn’t just start with a bamboo dress, however. With a  commitment to eco-friendliness, the crew at Dear Lil’ Devas combine high quality product with a love for nature. Owner and designer Rosie Connor was the brainchild of the company, after trying to develop loose-fitting, breathable yoga pants to move with her in her yoga practice.

It took a year to perfect the 100% cotton pants, but as soon as she did – word began to spread.

It’s now evolved to a traditional. unisex yoga pant in two styles and five colours. The trademark bottom keeps it roomy, contouring to any posture and any body. With a quick-drying cotton, its design is dedicated to our fast-paced lives.

The small company handcrafts each product from start to finish, so when we were asked to review one of their garments, we couldn’t refuse.

The Bamboo Dress is functional, comfortable, and stylish, all rolled into one. You’d never know that the material doesn’t carry any stretch Lyrca; but the combination of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton feels almost too good to be true.

The allergy-free materials skin your body with an essence that works with any figure. Bamboo’s naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal properties make it ideal for exercise wear, and because of its longer length, it allows yoga, bike rides, and hot, sunny days done with ease.

It’s modest cut makes it perfect for anyone, with wide straps and a medium-scoop neck. Bra straps are hidden, cleavage out of view, making it perfect for office wear, relaxing on the deck, or going out to your favourite dinner.

The light stitching near the bottom hem and around the sleeves and neck deliver a little monochromatic detail – just enough for that extra something – upon colours that correspond with nature itself. Earthy brown, green, and black provide a trio of choices to suit your basic style.

We also love their “Hangtagless” option, which means the piece of printed info usually attached to garments when they are purchased can be opted out of.  This makes for less manufacturing in the long run, for those who choose the option of going tag-free.

We love when companies practice what they employ through their product, and Dear Lil Devas is no different. They understand the low environmental impact of bamboo, because of its natural regrowth. They also ensure that all of their workers are involved with Fair Trade practices, meeting Oeko-Tex and ISO 14001 standards.

The bamboo yarn is derived from the cellulose of the bamboo, using an eco-friendly viscose process, similar to making paper. It’s then combined with 30% organic cotton yarn, and dyed with a  single jet-dyeing process to minimize any sort of impact, free of toxins and chemicals.

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Dear Lil’ Devas Bamboo Dress

  • $80.00
  • Functional, casual and comfortable
  • Made from 70% Bamboo, 30% Organic Cotton
  • Eco-friendly practices
  • Available in small, medium and large
  • Available in brown, black, and green
  • Made in Canada