Creating new ideas, stretching to think in different ways, and being brave enough to share our ideas will provide clues to solve many of our environmental issues. The question is, how do we generate the type of creative ideas needed to really make a difference?

We readily accept that all children are creative, but when does our creativity come to an kids drawings 234x300 Creativity: the cornerstone to improving the environmentend and why? I have worked with a lot of kids and third grade seems to be the cut off. In the third grade, children write more than they draw. When they do draw, they start to care about what their drawings look like. Unsure of themselves, they start copying their friend’s drawings instead of following and trusting their own natural style.

We are all creative; it is not some special talent that only a few people have.
When people look at my art and instantly say, “ I wish I was creative,” it surprises me every time. Creativity is part of being human. It’s like saying, “ I wish I had a personality.” Of course you have a personality; and yes, you are creative.

We get an idea; we toss it around in our heads; write it down, then share it with someone we trust. That’s all it takes to start the creative process. It doesn’t have to be a painting. And frankly, I think it would be pretty boring if we all expressed ourselves in the same way.

Some people assume that because I am an artist, my kids create art and draw; not so. I want my kids to be creative thinkers, not necessarily artists. To create from a place only they know and contribute in their own special way in whatever they decide to do. I want them to understand that their ideas matter and to take the process of creative thinking and use it solve any problem that comes their way.

To be environmentally conscious takes a lot of creativity, but I think we are all well-equipped for the task of improving our environment. We need to think creatively and collectively about everything constantly. Change will happen. Its starts from one voice, one original voice, brave and led by honesty. We are all on this world together and together we will creatively improve our environment.

I hope you will rediscover how creative you are and get the courage to share your thoughts with the rest of us. Just start with an idea…

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