The special time of the year has finally arrived. Tis’ the season for hot cocoa to settle in your mugs. Kids surround the bonfire as adults roast crisp and chewy marshmallows on a stick. Frost and chills start to creep up on our noses. Scarfs warm our necks and puffy coats are out of the closet. Smells of cinnamon and baked apples fill your cosy kitchen.

Everything seems somewhat in order. Until at last, you look at the Christmas gifts list and no order was made yet. Finding yourself in this situation can be frustrating and for those smart-shoppers who know better, you know it is best to get your gifts ready early to avoid delayed shipping and mob of shoppers in the mall.

Now, everyone has different favorites, likes and dislikes. This article is for anyone who has a special loved one who loves Chemistry as much as our grannies love pies, cupcakes and puddings. From the latest high-tech inventions to smart toys to groom the little chemist in your homes, we have you covered. Here is a list of 25 of our favorite chemistry gifts (not limited to Christmas, of course) for the chemistry lovers in our lives:

1. Whiskey Decanter Globe Set

chemistry gifts - Whiskey Decanter Globe Set

Elegant and fancy whiskey decanter dispenser with an etched globe design and an intricately detailed ship graced this hand blown glass invention accompanied by matching globe-designed whiskey glasses is at the top of our list. This is definitely a classy gift for the chemistry lovers in your lives who pamper themselves with the more refined things in life.

The whiskey dispenser is crafted to look like a chemical flask topped with a touch of golden coloured cork for a touch of luxury and would not be shy of a showstopper or a conversation starter at your loved one’s dinner party. Spoil that chemistry lover in your life and get this exclusive Godinger product through Amazon.

2. Coffee Tumbler

The next item in the line is not just a mere drink tumbler, it is made for a chemistry geek who also loves coffee. This tumbler gives a nod to the periodic table with a smart twist, it spells out the magical element to wake up any chemist: Caffeine! A chemist and a tumbler of coffee equal unstoppable! If your Chemistry geek also happens to be a coffee lover, you can have a look at this guide for the best home coffee machines.

3. Edible Chemistry Kit

Expand your little scientist’s mind for chemistry with this intriguing science project. Not only is it interactive and a perfect way for adults to bond with the kids, it’s simply fun. The kit features 16 experiments to complete ranging from colour changing fizzy potions, silly handmade cabbages and physically altering polymer foam. This chemistry set has the complete package for an ideal gift; fun, educational and even fills your stomach with edible treats! Get this delicious science blast on Fat Brain Toy

4. Modern Printed Wall Clock

Here is a wall clock with the message that puts a smile to every chemists’ face. The design of the product itself is minimal, sturdy and reliable, making it perfect to grace any space at your loved one’s home. Spruce it up with a customizable metal hand colour. Pick this gift if you want to add a little decoration to their home and be witty at the same time. This product is available at Redbubble.

5. Science Flask Earrings

Now, what says ‘I Love Chemistry’ more than a pair of these adorable science flask earrings. It would be easy to spot a chemistry graduate in the room if they don these lovely lightweight earrings made with clear acrylic. Delicate and readable flask markings make these earrings miniatures of the real thing. Talk about attention to details! Grab these handmade trinkets while they are still in stock on Etsy

6. Chemistry Themed Mini Bar Coasters

A set of four coasters with attractive, solid colours perfect for any party. It is the perfect gift for a chemist geek with a flair for hosting. These sets of coasters have printed molecular structures on its FDA approved surfaces which added to its appeal. With its minimalist but highly striking quality, this product will easily earn a spot in every chemistry lover’s heart. Make someone special happy by purchasing this from Etsy

7. Novelty Laboratory Men’s Socks

Here’s a special secret to convince you to get these socks, they GLOW IN THE DARK. Yes! What else? Test tubes? Check. Pipettes? Check. Bubbling flasks? Check. Chemistry juice? Check. These pairs of socks are comfort to the feet while keeping in line with our science lover’s theme and dream in life. Do not miss out on this product which would be a perfect gift to open to if you have a chemistry lover in mind. Check it out on Modsock.

8. Periodic: A Game Of The Elements

This product is the ultimate board for a chemistry lover. There is no word required to convince anyone to give this to a chemistry geek in their lives except of course if they already have it. It is a cerebral game designed around the mechanics of the elements in a periodic table requiring a strategic thinking skill and a ton of fun time.

This game may sound intimidating to new players but the comprehensive manual will assist players to get immersed in the game. With some time and practices, they will be experts in no time. Ideal for kids and adults aged 10+, pick this game for an educational yet entertaining experience for the science enthusiasts in your life. Get this product on Amazon while stock lasts.

9. Periodic Table Cutting Board

If the person you are gifting loves both cooking and chemistry, put this in your shopping list. The product is neatly engraved with accurately represented periodic tables while maintaining its functionality as a good ol’ sturdy cutting board. The materials used for the cutting board can be selected from options of three which are maple, walnut and bamboo. You will not regret purchasing this cutting board with smooth, hand sanded finish for the chemistry geek with a passion for cooking in your life. Imagine the smile it will bring upon their face as they are chopping onions in the kitchen. Get this useful tool on Etsy

10. Chemistry Themed Shirt

Another piece for a chemistry lover to wear! Add this shirt to your gifting list if you have a chemistry geek  in mind. The shirt is adorned with an amusing comical illustration expressing chessy chemistry pun. On top of that, it is printed on a cosy and breathable Bella+Canvas unisex t-shirt making it the perfect piece for most casual occasions. Comfortable and lightweight fabric with a witty chemistry pun, what else could a chemistry geek ask for on a shirt? Snag this cute highly reviewed shirt on Etsy

11. Culinary Reactions: The Everyday Chemistry Of Cooking

This next item is an amazing option for a chemist who loves working both in the lab and the kitchen. After all, who says that the wonders of chemistry happen only in a lab with a flask and pipette at hand. Chemistry happens in the kitchen where we bake and cook, so this gift makes it perfect if you have a loved one who loves chemistry and both cooking at the same time.

What makes this book precious for a chemistry lover to have is it is packed with concise explanations behind the science of day-to-day recipes so homecooks can apply recipe improvements based on those logical guides. Grab your opportunity to place this book on a shelf of a chemistry geek from Amazon.

12. Chemistry Themed Stationery

A stationery is everyone’s best friend so if you are running out of ideas on a small gift to add to your gift pile, put this in your selection. Help make a chemist friend or family’s note stand out by gifting them this customizable notepad. Laboratory designs such as test tubes or periodic tables can be opted at checkout. Make the gift more personalised and unique by having their names printed on your paper selection of choice. Do not miss out on this high quality product with simplistic original design on Zazzle.

13. Chemistry Themed Bed Sheet

Don’t forget this gift option which is both decorative and practical for the chemistry lover in your life. It’s a set of bed sheets with state of the art printed science illustrations perfect for a bedroom of any chemist in town. The product is made with super soft brushed microfiber and polyester fabric ensured to keep your loved one comfortable and cosy throughout the night. Give your friend or family member the gift of a refreshed bedroom look and a restful, cosy night sleep with this purchase from Wayfair.

14. Chemistry Lab Symbols Face Mask

Face mask is very purposeful for protecting yourself against the various infections in the air, but it does not have to be mundane and boring. Go a step further for your special ones by gifting them this beautifully decorated face mask while telling them that you care for their health and safety at the same time. This customizable face mask is suitable for general, daily use and can be machine washable for their convenience. These face masks are not just pretty to look at but come with added features such as disposable mask insert slot, adjustable nose wire and ear loops. Do not miss out on this great product on Zazzle.

15. Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs Soap & Bath Bomb Lab Science Experiment Kit

Start mixing things up in this chemistry oriented homemade bath and body products intended to be both fun and educational for kids aged 6 and up. In this pretend play, kids take on a role as chemist for a bath and body products company assigned to make cosmetic products. Teach the chemistry behind soap making with your little scientist while engaging in pretend playing for their mental development. Shop this fun-filled science experiment at Kohl’s.

16. Complete Introduction To Chemistry Kit

The best way to learn science is through hands-on experimentation and this chemistry kit is at the heart of it. Designed to introduce students to the wonders of chemistry, this product is equipped with real life lab equipment and instructional 27 chemistry experiments. Gifting this to a child will allow for practical learning at home with their parents. Intrigue the minds of young chemists with the basics of chemistry such as states of matter, electrochemistry and chromatography. Get this kit from Home Science Tools.

17. Chemistry Themed Tile Artwork

Are you still looking for the best perfect for the chemistry geek in your life? What about this tile artwork with an arrangement of letters taken out from the periodic table? Show a simple gesture of appreciation for that special friend or family member that they can readily hang on the wall of their office or home. This beautifully designed porcelain tile comes with a hook or an easel giving it ample support to stay on a nice corner of the wall or an empty coffee table. Grab this gift most science enthusiasts would enjoy on Amazon.

18. Wink Chemist’s Spice Rack

Do you have someone in mind when you see our next recommended product? Perhaps, a chemistry enthusiast who needs a little organisation in their pantry? This spice rack set comes with 14 vials and 32 stickers designed to mimic the looks of elements on the periodic table. This high quality product is created as vessels for all your necessary spices and liquid in the kitchen; sugar, salt, vinegar, oil and aromatics. Do not miss out on this awesome set and get it from Amazon.

19. Molecular Structure Patterned Phone Cover

This phone cover with neatly illustrated molecular structures and chemical equation is sure to be a head turner. The stark contrast between a black background and white writings make it both minimalist and yet visually attractive at the same time. The product is also highly resistant and is reliable to protect your loved one’s phone anytime of the day. Get it from RedBubble for any of your special ones who love all things Science and Chemistry.

20. The Food Lab : Better Home Cooking Through Science

A multiple award winning cookbook which is an essential for every homecook, especially those who love learning about the science and chemistry behind what we eat. The emphasis of this book is to allow readers to delve in the interactions of different components of a recipe; acidity, heat, structure and energy and how they create a masterpiece on the plate. This book is a sure pleaser of a gift for a chemistry enthusiast who also loves cooking. Do not miss out on this great product on Amazon.

How adorable are these customizable cookie cutters designed to look like elements depicted in the periodic table. There is no better way to spruce up a chemistry themed party but mouth watering and cute cookie imprints like those. Not only do they work on cookies, you can also use them on fondant and even modelling clay. Upgrade a chemistry enthusiast’s cookie party by gifting them this awesome baking tool available from Etsy

22. Lego Mad Scientist Minifigure

Everyone loves Lego except when you step on one. A classic favourite of both kids and adults of all ages, the right Lego piece belongs on every shelf or desk. What is a better peace than a mad scientist Lego minifigure for a chemist geek in your life? Like your favourite chemist, this Mad Scientist has various mind boggling inventions and experiments in his mind. Get this as a gift for a science lover from Amazon

23. Looney Labs Chemistry Fluxx Game

Chemistry Fluxx is a card game revolving around elements and how they interact with one another. The best thing about this game is that it does not play the same twice making it very interesting and refreshing with each round. With these elemental card games, not only can you play with elements and compounds, you can also learn about them at the same time. Get this chemistry based card game on Amazon.

24. Chemistry Themed Greeting Cards

There is a card for every occasion and loved one. Take this one for example, a combination of Christmas greeting card and the theme of science suitable for any chemistry enthusiast. Give your loved one an extra time, love and care by giving them this unique and personalized greeting card instead of the ordinary ones. These cards can be ordered from Etsy for your special ones.

25. Science Laboratory Stickers

If you are looking for a simple and fun gift that will not burn a hole in your pocket, you can purchase these well made and eye catching stickers for your younger loved ones who especially adore science. Not only can they be used as decorations on books, stationeries and tumblers, parents or teachers may use this to reward kids for their effort and hard work. These stickers can be purchased on Amazon.

Give A Chemistry Themed Gift Today!

Among the 25 carefully selected gift options for the chemistry enthusiasts in your life, we hope some of them will make it to your gifting list this year. From decorative items to spruce up their rooms to useful items which can be used in the kitchen, these chemistry themed gifts will bring a smile to any chemistry lover out there.

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Happy gifting!