We’ve all heard of the dangers of using Teflon for our non-stick frying – it’s been in the news for a few years with the facts still making their way into current reports.

Teflon and other nonstick coatings can release toxic chemicals during manufacturing and disposal, as well as during use at very high temperatures.

If you’re on the search for an alternative (literally), look for one from Starfrit Ceram Eco non stick cookware from Starfrit.

Starfrit’s Alternative eco-friendly cookware

Starfrit’s Alternative Line  Ceram Eco non stick cookware from Starfritis the perfect replacement for your chemical-laced non-stick cookware, with the added convenience of, well, non-stick cookware.
starfrit Ceram Eco non stick cookware from Starfrit
You see, their eco-friendly alternatives offer an 100% ceramic surface, and nary a speck of will stick to it. They call this their Ceram-Eco Ceram Eco non stick cookware from Starfrit surface, which provides a non-stick, easy to clean canvas for your next cooking creation, working similarly to the toxic Teflon you are probably all too familiar with.

What is Ceram-Eco?
Ceram-Eco coated pans are patented, and developed from a natural ceramic powder, offering the same benefits of your past cookware, but chemical free. This is because the ceramic powder is a natural element from the Earth itself.

Recycling recognition
But, the eco-ness doesn’t end there. Starfit takes it a step even further, with a 99% recycled aluminum exterior – also chemical free. Not only, then, do they provide health benefits, but they do their part in taking care of the planet.

The Alternative pans contain no Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), both found in Teflon’s materials, and they also do not release toxic fumes if used under high heat.

Energy saving
The pro-planet aspects of these eco-pans doesn’t end there, though. Due to their design, they also retain heat longer, which results in less energy use! And as hydro bills are a growing concern, even just minor cutbacks equal big results in the long term. Starfrit claims the energy you save is up to 20%. The pans have a thick base that is coupled with an induction plate, allowing for easy heat transfer, and so the cookware can stay hot longer, allowing you turn down the heat and finish cooking your dinner.

But is it a good pan?
Definitely! We absolutely love this pan, a perfect addition to our stainless steel and cast iron choices in our kitchen. It’s non-stick surface lives up the the claims, which adds the benefit of healthy cooking because you can use little amount of oil – just enough to glaze the pan.

It also has an excellent, even heat distribution – even on smaller burners that did not fit it’s 24cm diameter, the whole pan heat evenly (although, we must note, that cooking with pans that don’t fit on burners is generally an energy drainer! Try to match your pans to your elements).

We also love the handle – it is soft, and has a great, non-slip grip – and can also be used in the oven, perfect for keeping your creations warm while finishing up your other components of your meal.

Another strong point is the easy clean up. This pan wipes clean with a few swipes of a soapy sponge. No matter what we tried to burn to it, it just wouldn’t happen – and when it did get a little stuck on, it wasn’t anything that dish soap, hot water, and a sponge couldn’t handle.

We tested various stir-fries, pancakes, scrambles. We sauteed, simmered and made sauces. We let it sit without washing it, overnight on the counter and easily wiped it clean. We just can’t seem to find anything we dislike about the pan.

In fact, we love the pan.


  • 24cm Alternative eco-friendly cookware
  • Non-stick surface
  • Ceramic coating developed from 100% natural ceramic powder
  • Exterior made of 99% recycled aluminum
  • Chemical-free
  • Easy to clean
  • Even heat distribution
  • Extra thick base never warps, buckles or bends
  • Integrated induction base usable on all stove tops including induction
  • 5-year warranty with proof of purchase
  • Also available in 28cm size

For more information, visit Starfrit Ceram Eco non stick cookware from Starfrit

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Image courtesy of Starfrit