Woman carrying her phone without pocket

What ways are there to carry your phone without pockets? Whether you’re exercising, shopping, touring, or out for a night on the town, the last thing you need to worry about is losing your cell phone. 

If you don’t have pockets and don’t want to carry a bag or a purse, there are many practical ways to have easy access to your cell phone without having to worry about losing it.

9 practical ways to carry your phone without pockets

1. The Arm Band – Perfect for runners

An armband cell phone carrier conveniently straps to your upper arm. Some Arm Band cell phone carriers strap around the wrist. You can choose whichever you prefer and feel that you need. Armband cell phone carriers are a safe and convenient way for a runner to carry a cell phone so you can track your trek and listen to music as you exercise, enjoying the outdoors. 

Not just runners enjoy this device, but really anyone into sports including walkers, hikers, and bikers. A good Armband phone carrier is water-resistant and made of good material that supports your phone securely so that it does not get damaged. You don’t want a cracked case.

 Your Armband cell phone carrier should fit comfortably and snug around your arm or wrist. One that rotates is also a plus.

2. The Fanny Pack – Once a joke is back in style

Fanny Packs or Belted Bags have been around for centuries. They were used in hunting. They were used to keep your money protected from thieving bandits. The Fanny Pack offers a convenient way to carry things in a bag strapped around your waist so that your hands are free.

These bags became popular in the 1990s but eventually became a joke. Well, Fanny Packs are back in style especially in this day and age when we all have cell phones and other things to carry. Today these utilitarian bags have compartments that make it easy to carry your cell phone, keys, ID, passport, credit cards, and more. 

Fanny Packs keep all of these important items close to you so that you can shop, walk, travel or tour hands-free and know that your items are safe.

3. Cell Phone Lanyard – a college students best accessory

Whether you’re a college student or mom or dad on the go, you probably own a Lanyard. These inexpensive “necklaces” have long been worn to carry keys. Lanyards have a long history, particularly in the military. Lanyards were used by naval men to tie down equipment on ships. They have been worn on soldier’s uniforms for centuries. In the military, the Lanyard’s colors and different braid patterns denote rank and regiment. 

Today, the Lanyard is a cord or strap typically worn around the neck. They provide a place to hook things that you need like keys or your cell phone so you can go about your business hands-free and won’t be at risk of losing these valuable items. Today’s options include Lanyards that also safely and conveniently carry your cell phone. It’s a practical way to carry your phone without pockets. 

Lanyards come in a variety of styles that can be a great way to accessorize. A quality Lanyard has a sturdy clasp and sturdy cell phone holder made out of good material. Most are compatible with smartphones and also offer a clip to hold your keys and a credit cardholder. It’s a great way to wear your phone and have easy access to it to take those perfect impromptu pictures without having to remove your phone from its secure holder.

4. Garter Bag – Cool and Sexy

The Garter Belt has a long history. What a great way to carry around and conceal your cell phone today. Centuries ago the garter belt was used to keep stockings from slipping down. They were worn by both men and women. In fact, the “Order of the Garter” is Britain’s oldest and highest order of chivalry. 

The Garter Bag is a cool and sexy way for a man or a woman to wear his or her cell phone when they don’t have pockets. For women, there are many styles of thigh band holsters to choose from. Some are even in the form of a sexy garter belt. Worn around the thigh, these pockets are concealed. Some of the latest styles come in anti-slip, silicone material with a stretchy lacy pocket to store a phone. 

These Garter Bags can also be used to conceal and carry cash, ID’s, or credit cards. Much like a gun holster, these phone holders for men can be belted around the thigh or strapped to the calf. Adjustable, Velcro, non-slip styles are great for hiking, running, or riding a bike.

5. Running Belt – Keep your phone secure when you exercise

Like the Fanny Pack, the Running Belt cell phone carrier straps around the waist. A Running Belt helps a runner increase his or her performance, is comfortable, and keeps you worry free while you enjoy healthy exercise and enjoy nature. When wearing a Running Belt, you should wear it over your tucked in shirt and placed at the level of your belly button. If you insert a water bottle into the belt, it not only provides you with easy access to hydration but also works as a weight to increase your calorie burn. 

While not as bulky as a fanny pack, the Running Belt fits snugger around the waist and won’t hold as many items. The Runny Belt’s main function is to hold your phone so that you can enjoy listening to music while you enjoy your walk, hike, bike ride, or run. 

A good Running Belt will be bounce-free, made with good material like nylon, spandex, and silicone, have wicking to keep out moisture, and fit securely around your waste. This phone carrier has a sturdy pocket in the front that securely holds your phone for easy touchscreen access and has support for earbuds. Often these phone accessories have a slender zipper pouch to carry your keys and ID.

6. Shoulder Holster – A concealed way to carry your important stuff

Like a gun holster, the Shoulder Holster can be a concealed and convenient way to securely carry your cell phone and more. The Shoulder Holster is mounted on a shoulder strap that wraps around your arm, across your body, or straps securely across your shoulders and behind your back, keeping your items safe in a bag in the front of your body. 

A Shoulder Holster can be discreetly concealed beneath a shirt or jacket. There are many styles of Shoulder Holsters that are great for keeping your cell phone and other important items near to you. These are great for travel because you can keep your items secure to your body like your cell phone, your passport, your money, your ID, your credit cards, and more. 

The cross bag style is made of durable material and an adjustable strap. These are great for hands-free travel and easy access to your belongings. The cross-back style or Holster has two or more pockets made to keep your cell phone and the rest of your important belongings.

7. Roo Sport – The cool bag that wraps around your belt

The RooSport is a great style of cell phone carrier to use when you don’t have pockets. This nice little pocket has a magnetic flap that wraps securely around your belt. You can carry your phone, cash, ID, keys, or passport in this attachable zipper pouch. The RooSport is made with comfortable, lightweight, and water resistant fabric. 

It’s great for travel and touring, shopping and sports like bicycling. The RooSport cell phone carrier has a concealed zipper pocket, easy for you to access but no one else. The RooSport even has two side holes to thread your earbuds through so you can listen to music as you go about your exercise or other activities during the day. The Roo Sport pouch comes in a variety of colors and styles. Roo Sport has different sizes depending on the size of your cell phone.

8. Joey Bra – A great bra with pockets on the sides

One of the latest ideas for carrying your phone without a pants pocket is the Joey Bra. The Joey Bra is a bra with pockets on the side to conveniently carry your phone and ID. When your going clubbing, to a party, or to events, you don’t want to have to carry a purse around you all night. 

The Joey Bra is a great accessory for women to hold their items in their bra. These bras are stylish and supportive. The Joey Bra is available in many styles including sports, push up, strapless and convertible styles. You know you’ll be supported in a Joey Bra whether you are going for a jog or bike ride. 

You can be relieved not to have to carry a purse or jacket with you when you wear the Joey Bra. Just put your essential items in the side pockets which are streamlined to compliment your figure and not look bulky through your clothes. The Joey Bra serves a triple purpose. It provides support for your chest. It looks stylish and sexy. It is a great way to carry your cell phone when you don’t want to wear a purse or coat.

9. Cell Phone Wristlet – A stylish accessory that serves a purpose

Finally, a popular phone holder that is practical when you don’t have pockets and don’t want to carry a bulky purse while at a party or running errands, is the Cell Phone Wristlet. The Wristlet is a small, compact purse with a small strap that conveniently wraps around your wrist like a bracelet. 

If you don’t want to carry a larger purse with you as you run errands or go out for an evening of fun, you will love the wristlet. These stylish phone carriers are like little wallets that can hang off your wrist. Wristlets have a cell phone case and a zippered pouch that conveniently holds your keys, credit card, ID, cash, and more. It’s like a small clutch and super convenient. 

Wristlets are available from many designers and come in many stylish designs. Not only does the Wristlet cell phone carrier hold your valuables, but a Wristlet cell phone carrier also makes a great accessory to your outfit. You won’t want just one Wristlet. You will want several to choose from no matter what you are doing or where you are going.


These 9 practical ways to carry your phone without pockets are some of the very best solutions to a common problem. When you need your hands free, easy access to your phone and want to be sure your phone is in a secure place, these accessories are the best. Whether exercising, traveling, shopping, or enjoying an evening out, these 9 options offer everyone a choice to carry their phone even if you don’t have a pocket. 

Depending on your needs, you may want several different cell phone carriers. You may want a good, sturdy, snug one that you can wear when you exercise. You may have a convenient one that stays close to your body with easy access for travel and touring. You may want one that’s just fun to have – like a Garter Bag or a JoeyBra. 

You definitely need one that’s convenient for hands-free activities like shopping. Of course, ladies will want something like the Wristlet to add style and perfectly accessorize your outfit. There are many options out there that are practical ways to carry your phone without pockets.