The new Canada Organic Products Regulations are coming soon. Beginning June 30th, the new regulations will ensure that anything using the word “organic” or displaying the logo are federally certified according to the Canadian Organic Standards. The logo is permitted only on foods and products with at least 95% organic logo 09 Canada organic logo needs an upgrade

According to the National Post, the current logo proposed is a little mundane, especially in the creative mind of Allison Carter, a design student from Toronto.

This official logo is in the shape of a circle, featuring a green hillside with the words “Canada Organic Regime in red above, and “Régime Bio-Canada” below.

Carter, a 22-year-old Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) student decided to redevelop the logo as a part of her final thesis, posting the work online at her blog,

Carter felt the title was the first adjustment that needed to be made. “The word ‘regime’ is just off-putting and unfriendly,”  she told the National Post, changing it to Organic Canada Biologique, combining the English and French phrases. It now runs around the edge of a circle, surrounding an apple graphic with a white maple-leaf shine.

Carter has also designed promotional materials, including pamphlet, transit advertisements, and posters, all available to see on her blog.

Read the full report from the National Post.