Looking for ways to become more eco-fashionable? It doesn’t take much other than a few tweaks of your wardrobe and your mind.

What’s important, though, is to note one key fact: it doesn’t mean wearing the same outfit day after day, and no, you didn’t have to buy it at the local Goodwill.reduce reuse recycle renew chic bag 300x232 Becoming a little more eco chic

On the other side of things, you also don’t have to shell out a fortune for high eco-fashion; while it’s sustainable and gorgeous, some of our wallets just aren’t that savvy.

Here are our top ways to become more eco-fashionable. Feel free to add yours below!

Buy Less

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But we don’t necessarily mean spend less. Think of what you do day-to-day, and what you wear. If you work in the office, perhaps a few good suits and crisp shirts are what you need. If you are a teacher, invest in a couple key skirts, slacks, and sweaters. If you’re a fitness professional, spend it on high-quality sportswear. Purchase a few pairs of good shoes that’ll last you, and a nice jacket, too. Sure, we might pay more for the quality, but we aren’t wasting dollars on clothes that’ll just fall apart.

Say No to Sweatshops

Plenty of our shopping mall favourites can mass produce for one reason: the workers who slave for eighty hours a week… with pennies to their name. Support local designers, local merchandise, and those who take the time to make quality. Sometimes it is difficult to get the styles we love so much, so choose carefully… If you absolutely need those sneakers because they support your feet the best, get them, but then seek out a local designer for your office suit.

Look at the Label

Consider sustainable materials, such as bamboo, organic cotton, and recycled materials. Organic cotton, for example, is increasing in sales every year. Although bamboo and recycled materials can get a little more costly, organic cotton is popping up everywhere. Check out our article on vegan fibres for more details on sustainable fabrics.

Shop Online

There are loads of eco-driven online retailers that sell only eco-certified gear. One of our favourites is Wear the Earth. Each company on their website handpicked, often with Fair-Trade practices. Check out more awesome retailers and options in our Shop.


If you don’t need it anymore, consider donating to a local charity, or giving it away to friends. Even better? Host a swishing party… you’ll score some great pieces, too! Just gather a group that have cleaned out their individual closets. Get them to bring their clothing, shoes, and accessories to the party host’s home and make trades! Done and done.

Make a Statement

If you’re in the spotlight, choose green garments to really bring the idea forth. Think about eco-friendly and organic wedding dresses; your guests will be dying to know why you look so good.

Regardless of what you do, each little change will make a difference. Whether you buy organic materials, give away old clothes, support local companies, or just do one of the three, little changes help… and you’re well on your way to becoming a little more eco-chic.

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